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Last Update: Dec 9, 2022

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Hello WA Community!

I hope y’all doing great and excited for the weekend.

So, I have been spending time offering site comments to fellow WA members. I always try to be thorough with my comments and even go beyond what is normally required.

But I was a bit disappointed that my comment on a website was disapproved just because I had a different take on the subject. He could not say that my comment was irrelevant. In his article, the author asked a rather controversial question that is often a subject of debate among Protestants and Catholics.

I addressed the question and explained with Bible verses why I hold a different view. It was disapproved and the author said he didn’t want debates between Protestants and Catholics on his website. But when you publish a post like that, you have already opened your site to debates.

Years ago, I had a controversial post on my site and a fellow WA member commented expressing her disagreement. She said she didn’t think I would publish it because it could be damaging to my site.

But I approved her comment and it didn’t take long for my post to rank number one on Google. And it received the most comments in my website.

What about you, would you approve comments with opposing views?


Oh, by the way, below is part of my comment that was disapproved.

I appreciate your boldness in tackling this very controversial topic. Indeed, many people are asking the question: “Does one need to go to church to go to heaven?”

The only place where we could find the answer to these questions is the Bible itself. If we believe that the Bible is the sole authority then there shouldn't be any problem and we will arrive at the same answer. However, if we recognize other authorities aside from the Bible, then this is where the disagreement lies.

I believe in the sole authority of the Bible and nowhere does it say that one needs to go to church to go to heaven. If there's any verse, I need someone to quote it to me.

But I am not saying that the church is irrelevant. We need to go to church for fellowship, listen to the Word of God, and edify and encourage other believers. In fact, we are exhorted not “to forsake our gathering together, so much more as we see the Day approaching” (Hebrews 9:25).

We go to church, get baptized, obey God’s command, and live according to God’s will. But we do all these not to gain passes to heaven or to be saved. God has already done the work for us to be saved.

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Hi Alice,

In site comments the author has the option of asking for up to four kinds of comments as follows:

1) Questions on the topic or overall article
2) Discussion about the topic
3) Offer experience with the topic
4) Opinion about the topic

When you give site comments do you review what the author wants comments on and stick to that? If not, what do you do?

As long as you provide the responses requested, your comments should not be disapproved. If you give advice that was not requested, then that can be disapproved.

Giving advice and suggestions is appropriate for Site Feedback but not Site Comments.

When I ask for site comments if someone gives me feedback instead if I find that helpful I accept it. But that is my prerogative. There are a few times when I get a lecture instead of site comments. In those cases, I do not approve them because that is not what I requested. But this is quite rare.

I never give feedback when providing site comments. I see what is requested and stick with that.

Sorry to hear your comments were not approved. Don't take that personally and just move on. I hope what I said above can be of help.



Hi Edwin,

I understand the frustration of site owners when they receive feedback instead of a comment. I have been doing site comments for quite some time and I know the difference between the two ☺.

When I first used this WA feature to request comments years ago, most of the comments I received were actually feedback. I was frustrated and that's why I stopped.

I only started using it again 2 months ago but mostly to offer, not request.

Before leaving a comment, I always check what kind of comment the author wants. In this case, he ticked all 4.

The title of his post was, "Do you need to go to church to go to heaven?"

I read his post thoroughly, answered his question, and explained why I had a different view. Had I known that he only wanted comments that will agree with him, I could have given him what he wanted, lol.

But yeah, it happens, you know. No ill feelings whatsoever.

Good morning Alice,

Thank you for your blog post.

I agree with you, Alice, although I didn't see the original blog post, as a Christian, I can very much agree with your answer. I also believe comments, social media etc., it's not always about agreeing, it can be about debating etc. The main thing is we are polite and we can agree to disagree, I believe they called that discussion!

Have a great weekend.


Exactly, Rob.

We can disagree but we should remain respectful.

Have a blessed weekend!

Indeed, Alice!

Have a great week.


Personally I would be pleased to get a thorough comment that was respectful with an opposing view! It would give me the opportunity to answer in more depth, thus creating more content for the article. I stopped doing site comments ages ago because I would post thoughtful comments and the ones I received would be a 2 second comment with zero depth and no added value. They always sounded so fake.
I congratulate you on posting such a thorough comment!

We have the option to disapprove if we think the comments don't add value to our post.

Thanks, Soraya.

Yes I know, but it seemed to be the norm that they were thin. And they weren't always bad enough to feel 'fair' to disapprove them, but also not good enough to actually add value to the article. In my mind, to add value there should be a comment or question which takes the topic further. They were lacking that.
But I'm talking quite a few years ago. Maybe they're better now. . .

I do request comments from time to time because I still have some credits left to use.

I think the comments are much better now.

Good to know! Maybe I will check them out again one day soon!

Potentially - and I suspect it is not the case here - but, potentially, the site owner may have found an opportunity to improve on their post because of your comment.

Now the ethics of disapproving a comment, in order to add an alternative perspective (mostly stolen from your viewpoint) and make it look like the post writer's own due diligence, is more troublesome than your experience.

I would love to receive a contrary comment on my sites. It encourages natural visitors to chime in too, after all.

However, if the subject is sensitive (as in this case), I don't think it is in miserable spirit to disapprove it. The site owner may have felt hurt that you cast doubt on their point > their post > their site > their young joy. Or, they may not want to open their site to trolling or unhealthy debate.

Maybe they just didn't know how to proceed, and disapproving the comment puts it out of their mind. It isn't a natural visit, and they don't want to second guess their audience (and may not know how they would see it).

Either way, your comment is a good one, and it's sad it's not online. I always feel guilt when I reject a comment and they might as well.

We are asked to explain why a comment is rejected, and it needs to be explained in so many words. That's tough sometimes, because you don't want to tread on anyone's feelings.

So, don't let it niggle you. I see no side or cynicism here - unless they update their post! Then we're talking 😀


He did explain in a nice way why he disapproved of it.

Thanks, Russel. I feel much better now ☺.

Opposing views are what make the world go round. But many people don’t want to hear that, I don’t see anything wrong with your response. Sounds like the site owner wanted agreement. Unfortunately this type of stuff happens but don’t let it ruin your day. Keep up the great work!

Yes, Susan. Based on the comments he accepted, he wanted comments that would validate his post.

I offered a comment before on a different post on his site and he published it. But that is because I agreed with most of what he said.

Happy Saturday!

My, the responses you have received! Reading down through them has been interesting and informative for me as a relative newcomer to WA. I have made several comments over the months and found it interesting a while back that when I disagreed with someone he did not allow my comment. He was totally inaccurate in his comment in his post, but so be it! Yes, I am learning about this system! Thank you.

Hi Philip,

Some website owners just can't handle comments that seem to question the truthfulness of their claims.

I noticed that a religious post always brings trouble. Typically, there will always be controversy about that. I refrain from it because it gets very heated with many different religious viewpoints. Everything else is fine except religious topics. It is really up to the person to accept comments or not. That's their site, their decision. You did your best. I'd move on and find something else. I learned this long ago; it's not worth it even if they are your views and may conflict with other people's views. I would have an issue with you because you did not use God's real name. Case in point (you get the hint), it is in the scriptures that led me to get into an argument with a member here. It would go on and on if I had not stopped it.

You're right, Brenda. As Russell said, it's a very sensitive topic and this is exactly why religious posts are not encouraged in this community. ☺

Yup, time to move on.


Thank you for bringing this issue to the open. So far, out of giving over 100 or more comments, I only had 3 and they were all from people with the same mentality. I use my rejections to hone my skills. They are afraid to lose conversions.

In my point of view, as a certified commenter, we have to stay in our lane, in terms of what we say. Sometimes this is hard to do. Some sites are overprotective of their sight and so, we have to be extra careful not to jeopardize their website "image." This is, clearly childish and sophomoric.

Since when is constructive criticism a bad thing. It helps our personal growth development. These overprotective comment-seeking websites need to grow up and get their acts together. This is why I want to continue to comments.

You have no reason to be upset. Just because we hit a nerve with a website,

By the way, I have experienced opposing views on my website, and I take them with a grain of salt. The show must go on. They are the losers, not us. We are doing them a favor.


Very well said, Rachelle.

Thanks. ☺

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