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Hey Amazing Community, I hope y’all doing great! Just a quick post to share with you how one Pinterest pin could greatly impact your website traffic.I haven’t checked my Google Analytics for a couple of weeks because the last time I did, my daily traffic was sitting at 280-320. It has been like this for more than six months and so I thought I’d avoid checking it often.But yesterday after submitting my latest post to Google Search Console for indexing, I couldn’t resist t
Hey wonderful WA community,So, I have been trying to log into my website dashboard on WordPress by typing mydomain name/wp-admin but it kept saying, “The password you entered for your email address is incorrect.” Sure, I can always access my website dashboard through Wealthy Affiliate. However, my PC in the office couldn’t access WA and I wanted to do some work on my website during my break time. I did not change my password and I was able to access it before. I thought it has
Hi all,Amidst the corona scare, lockdown, quarantine and all that, I am so thrilled to earn my first commission on Amazon. Exactly twenty days after adding my Amazon affiliate links and banners, I had a total of 211 clicks, 2 items ordered and two items shipped. Unfortunately, my conversion rate is very low and one of the items was returned so I ended up with only $0.79 in commissions. Surprisingly though, the item from which I earned this small amount was not even what I recommended. As Kyle s
Last week, Edwin (EdwinBernard) and Melissa (MRRSP) expressed their frustrations over the comments they received from fellow members of WA. I suggested that if they’re not happy with the comments they’re getting, they can temporarily stop using these features until this issue gets resolved like I have and just focus on good keywords in their articles in order to drive traffic, which will eventually result in organic comments.Well, last night, I received a notification that there is
I’ve been working consistently on my website, writing and publishing 1,000 plus+word articles every week and using good keywords. So to reach 11K monthly visitors and a record-high 742 users yesterday was a huge accomplishment.For the past 6 months, my daily users were ranging from 200 to 300 and at times it would go up to as high as 380, but that was about it. Monthly visitors were from 5K to 7K. And to be honest, I was quite happy with that.Until some members here started blogging about
Hi guys and gals,So I just logged in to my site and got a notification that I need to validate my contact form 7 configuration because misconfiguration leads to mail delvery failure or other troubles. I'm wondering if there are still some of you using Contact Form 7 because if my memory serves me right, Jay did a training wherein he recommended the WP Ninja Forms plugin as alternative to Contact Form 7.Has anyone of you got this notification too? How do we go about this "validation" thing?
Hi all,I wonder if anybody here is utilizing media dot net ads. And if there are, I hope you don't mind sharing your experience with them and if you recommend them.I applied for Google AdSense 3 times and was denied 3 times. Yeah, I know. Some say it isn't worth considering AdSense. I even read somebody's post not wanting anything to do with AdSense that He had to skip the lesson about inorporating it into his website.I was on messenger with Lanie7 last night and I mentioned how I applied for G
April 07, 2019
I’m back.After more than two weeks of being denied access to the Wealthy Affiliate platform from my PC, I finally figured out what was wrong. I’ve been a part of this amazing community for nearly two years now and when I’m not at work; my world revolves around WA and of course my websites. That’s why it was difficult for me not being able to access WA on my desktop. As I said, I had no problem opening WA on my phone and tablet with either Google or Firefox browsers but c
I was wonderng if any of you ever received emails from "supposed" website developers and SEO experts offering professional help in making your website look more professional and in getting your posts rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.Apparently, my very first website which I built before coming to Wealthy Affiliate has been attracting these people. I bought my domain from SiteGorund and had my website hosted there for over a month and decided to give it up temporarily unti
Hi all,Does anyone know how to remove unwanted external links? I logged into Google search console and found out that many of the sites linked to mine are not in anyway related to my niche.