Hola familia wa !!

Last Update: February 06, 2014

A big HELLO !! to the WA family from warm Peru. Just got back for a little over 24 hrs. and found a wonderful offer which could not be turned down, so I re-listed on the spot. Bad news is that I won´t be able to be present, but wanted to share a few words with my WA friends and the whole community.

Carson and Kyle continue over-delivering and it took little time to convince me, so I am back... but I will not be back....until the second half of march, since my compromise down south of Lima is firm for a couple more months. I have been thrilled to be able to visit our online home, very rapidly, and confirm that, indeed, THIS IS THE PLACE !!

Would like to use this few lines to present my warmest regards to everyone in this awesome community, and also to convey my excuses to those followers that came when I was no longer present, I promisse I will be dedicating some time knowing you and writing to you as soon as possible. I can only assure for now that you came to the right place, with the highest quality in online education, excellent tools, uncomparable help and members, as well as great coaches....just make sure you take proper advantage of all that is provided here, work hard and always keep on keeping on.

Abrazos y hasta pronto


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Grippy Premium
Welcome back Alvaro Yes this is a great place to be.Regards Frank
christine2 Premium
Karyskis Premium
Glad you're back. WA is a great place to be.
jespinola Premium
Hey Alavaro bienvenido! :D
Gordi Premium
Welcome back!!!