Sufficient is never enough, maybe

Last Update: February 27, 2017

Around the corner from the Pony Express Office (no longer there with its horses and hurrying riders ensuring swift mail delivery prior to the transcontinental rail link up a few miles away at The Golden Spike, at Promontory Point), in Salt Lake City, Utah is one of several walkway tributes to Samuel Clemens, better known by his pen name, Mark Twain.

Mark Twain was here, on several occasions, and he put pen to paper describing the beauty and strength of this area as well as its potential as a progressive inland city.The tributes encourage passersby to pause and read the eloquent words, timeless in their simplicity. It would be easy enough to imagine Tom Sawyer as a pioneer youth here, although the citizens close to the Mississippi may shriek in horror at the abduction of one of their own for my purposes.

I feel close to the quote I have used: it fits me nicely with age and sentiment. I know I have much to do, but a lot will remain undone. I shall plow on, doing what I can, and leaving the rest for another day.

Many other quotes would also be appropriate: I shall leave you to search for your own, encouraging you with one of my favorites from the Bible, on a location of where Mark Twain once stood.

Normal human endeavor requires us to have goals and dreams to indicate our journey; human nature often produces different results.

Any forward movement is progress.


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Love this post, Larry, very well put:-))Steph
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Thanks for sharing, I totally agree.

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Totally agree. Thank you for sharing.
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Could not agree more. Thanks for the post.

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Hi Larry,
I loved this post-it hit the mark.
Thank you,