Of love and romance

Last Update: Feb 14, 2017


And now we can turn to love and romance. In fact we can give a day to it - St Valentine's Day. According to media, we can throw money at it as well, to appease our conscience. Cards, flowers, dinner invites, lingerie, even proposals seem to fit the bill.

When a partner offhandedly might remark "You don't need to get me anything", trust me, they are lying. They want recognition - or else.

We can spare a day for love, each year. The Koreans are a little more sensitive; they can find a day, each month, to pursue romance and love, and, by extension, happiness (peace?) in relationships.

I have adult grandchildren who think that their relationship issues are unique to them, that they invented romance, and that someone of my age could never understand them. At risk of bursting their bubble, we've heard it all before.

Let's turn to comics and pick 1950 as a benchmark. A lot of these literary and art efforts are now in the public domain, and give a window into romance and love in "ancient history."

Challenges of unrequited love, fickle partners and stolen lovers abound. Each issue might have four, eight page, stories of steaming intrigue - the problem, the issues, the solution, the resolving kiss among color splashes and sparkles - often with the characters in superb evening dress. Whilst the heroes might receive redress of their wrongs, there was little indication of revenge other than shame perhaps, never hate or rejection.

One company alone had four romance titles each month, such was the demand. Each story might be used in current times as well drawn story boards for video productions. I wonder if anyone is exploring this. If romance and love are not your thing, then a myriad of other titles were available for you entertainment at a mere 10 cents an issue.

So today I mark the day for love and romance, what might have been, what was and what endures. If you feel you are bereft of romance or feel a need to share, you might consider my greeting as a virtual offering.

Happy St Valentine's Day.

ps Pets are often the recipients of this Day's greetings and goodies.


Recent Comments


That was a good read. Thank you.

Happy Valentines to you too, Larry. Thank you for the interesting article.

Thanks for reminding us about keeping our romance live especially on Valentines day.

Nice post, larry, romance is still alive and healthy today but sadly used far less in the modern world. I always open the car door for my lady to alight into her coach or to ensure she is served and seated first at a table.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Larry for sharing this wonderful message.

Happy Love day

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi Larry, it's that time of the year we all seem to go mad. The real winners are the company's selling Valentine's Day merchandise. Irv.

I love your post. Happy Valentines Day to you Larry :)

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