Being The Best is Not Important

Last Update: July 06, 2021

The online marketing trail is filled with trials and tribulations; until we find our rhythm, it can be challenging. I see so many people come to the online marketing world, scratch the surface, dig around only to depart. Many sales pitches create false expectations, which new entrants find it hard to both live up to and recreate. In many cases, there are pieces of the puzzle missing, literally.

It can be challenging; one of the drawbacks is our fixation on the competition. It is instilled into us from an early age that we have to compete to be successful. We need to get a good education to get a good job; this concept continues throughout the lives of many. Once we buy into that, the natural progression is to compare ourselves to the surrounding people. And perceive, in many cases, that they are doing way better than we could ever expect to do.

In the online world, there can be an amplifier effect; it can heighten our awareness. Others are doing better; you cannot compete. They have a larger audience and presence; they have more followers, more likes, a better website, a bigger email list, and the content they create turns to gold.

If you find yourself tracking down that path, there is a show stopper of a quote;

"A flower does not think about competing with the other flowers. It just blooms."

That can be empowering. What others are doing doesn't impact your bottom line. The only one that can do that is us. Our happiness or success should not be dependent on the work others are doing. Thinking along those lines can help to keep us on track; it works for me.

In our online generations, the fixation on the competition can hold us back. Who got more likes? Who has more followers? Who got more visitors? Who is the better writer? Enough. Suppose we continue to compare ourselves to others around us constantly; while seeking happiness and results, it will not happen. We must understand that everyone around us is different. Thinking along those lines being the best at something doesn't always pay off the most.

I think that we all have natural strengths; in many areas, some people can be much better than we are. Being the "best" web designer or the "best" writer doesn't make you the "best" person. Don't get me wrong; some people are the best at what they do because they have worked their way there, increasing their skill-sets to achieve their goals. Our quality of life is dependent on what we are willing to put towards it.

As said, being the best at something doesn't always pay off, but pushing yourself to be your very best always will. When we reflect, being the best is not so important. Doing the best that you can always matters. I find that to be very true, especially when looking at the online journey. If we can obtain the proper knowledge and resources, we can be hard to stop. Most definitely, being the best is not important.

Alex Evans.

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JeannineC Premium
I always smile when someone asks "What's the best _____" because it's such a subjective question. While there are specific ways to measure things, like fastest, farthest, shortest, etc., other categories such as "best affiliate" or "best software" or "best plug-in" just don't work that way.

Be your best. Always strive to be better. That's my way of doing things and it's worked quite well!
SamiWilliams Premium Plus
Great Quote Reading the accomplishments of others and comparing ourselves to them is always a tripwire.

Learn to take the positive help formation and apply it in your own life and work. We are not clones. In all likelihood, most of us have to grow and learn how to be our best. You can't be that if you are always comparing. Sami
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Words of wisdom, Sami, life itself, and living life can be the best teacher we have. I totally agree getting to the point where we are comfortable with our journey and our life's direction is a work in progress, a lifelong endeavor.

It is well worth the energy investment.

If we stop comparing, that is the point the real journey begins.

OCH3943 Premium Plus
Thanks for this post. I do feel disappointed sometimes when I see there are more followers on other competitors. It makes me feel my content is not good enough. But I learn too that the real competition is within myself. Getting better each day but so much more to cover.

I have not get the hang of growing an audience. Will get there somehow. :)
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Richard, People reading your comment will identify with you, and it will be the same for them. That sense we get when we just feel we are not up with the play; it can be challenging.
Looking around is a natural thing to do; my model is thinking, hey, I think I can match and better that; it serves me well. Initially, there was angst until I dropped off worrying about what others were doing.

That came about through a chance meeting with a trucking magnate, who started with nothing and one truck he brought with his money from selling all his personal possessions. It is a total classic, as many of his detractors now work for him. He saw me looking over the fence of a competitor's business.

" you want to succeed, stop worrying about what your competitors are doing, and start worrying about what you should be doing and are not."

That lesson applied has applications across many aspects of life and business.

Ah, the most challenging question for all of us involved in the online industry.

How to grow an audience?

You are not alone, ask 50 people, and you will get 50 different answers. I think one of the starting points is defining the place where benefits and features meet the audience's expectations. The best way of doing that in my books is to start with one channel, advance that, get good at it and move onto the next thing. Seems to bring benefits while not overthinking it.

Thank you for sharing, Richard; we can all learn so much from each other's experiences.

YumaBloggers Premium
Good, better, best. Never will I rest. Until my good is better and my better is best.

The best me is what I can be if it is better than others so be it but if I stop driving to be the best I will soon start collecting the dust of others who get there first.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi, Andy, you have such a way with words, and I must say I enjoyed the journey you just took us on. We all have to work tirelessly to create our best version and don't stop because the day we do, it won't be long before we start slipping backward.

Thank you for sharing much appreciated.

philmedia Premium Plus
Another excellent post-Alex, most of my career success in life can be put down to a few factors.

I turned up when others did not.
I acknowledged my weakness and got those around me to help
I went for things way above my pay grade
I had a good attitude.

The talented ones were still in bed or moaning from the sidelines. ( joking, but you get my point)

I love your stuff; it always gives me a lift! Thanks, Phil
AlexEvans Premium Plus
I sense boomer magic there, Phil; you have described an outstanding work and life effort and attitude. You have ticked more than a few boxes. Those four put into practice virtually demand success comes to pay a visit and stay.

You have made my day. Thank you.