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July 14, 2021
It is pretty interesting, and I am not sure if this is your experience; when things are not going so well, something will turn up out of the blue that will provide an opportunity or provide that missing piece of the puzzle. Thereby enabling us to make the changes we need to make to get back on track.At times we can be so into things not working that we can miss it altogether and continue doing what we are doing and getting the same outcome; no results.I was reminded of this quote from Richard B
The online marketing trail is filled with trials and tribulations; until we find our rhythm, it can be challenging. I see so many people come to the online marketing world, scratch the surface, dig around only to depart. Many sales pitches create false expectations, which new entrants find it hard to both live up to and recreate. In many cases, there are pieces of the puzzle missing, literally.It can be challenging; one of the drawbacks is our fixation on the competition. It is instilled into u
Foggy Memories. The dream time was way back a time when things were different they may have been, and then again, they may have been a dream. The dream time is an Aussie thing. Many things from the dream time have meaning today. Back in the day, koala bears could speak,, and boyo could they talk, mainly about themselves and how good they were and how they would never do what others would do, just because they wouldn't stoop to that kind of behavior. Koala's good mate Roo used to say, " for good
An interesting lesson learned this week; business partners can bring benefits.We can be a small business, but we can punch way above our weight; it can be a matter of backing ourselves; creating results; some can be unexpected. A friend suggested I should check out a resource that his business is using. As per usual, I went exploring, and those pops ups started landing on my screen, filling out a form, and signing up for a webinar to find out some information.It has been a crazy busy week, so
This is way cool traveling down the highway and what do you see, life in the slow lane, very laid back.As long as your not in a rush in buzzy bee mode. I was reflecting yesterday, working and creating online is kind of out of time and out of place from what most folks consider as normal. Then who are we to judge? Content created and published works tirelessly 24/7/365, hours, days and years for us. Let it go and do its own thing. Although at times it can be tweaked and revised to keep it releva
What defines good content.It depends on who is asking and what they want. If, for example, sake, we asked Google, they will unanimously say that they are looking for;Long-form 1000 word plus postsoriginal material.In-depth,well-researched, and presented topics.Audience first focused content.No spam or duplicate content.The average user ( that's you and me ) is looking for something completely different.Please take me to the punch line ( answer my question ) without me having to wade through sc
I will get the confessions out of the way first; I can't type, write or spell my way out of a wet paper bag, even if my life depended on it. I have been vexing over the last little while whether I am a blogger or marketer. Can we be the same; it is selling words, products, or services. I guess we are in the " mutual benefit creation industry ".My A' la carte go to over the last couple of years has been Grammarly, another confession I abysmally failed English at school; perhaps my mind works dif
While we are transitioning through to our new world, some trends are starting to emerge, and as trends go, they are bedding themselves into place and are not going away anytime soon.There's nothing like a bit of anxiety to create a sense of collective change. one of the things that are in front of the screen for most people is safety. Globally we will all have experienced some form of lockdown, something that a year ago didn't feature on anyone's radar. Yet, even when the sense of danger is pas
Not that " big yellow" needs any help; I think it's doing fine all by its self. However, there are times when it needs to take a break; at those times, pack it up in the station wagon for a bit of shut-eye.Don't panic. It will be coming to a sky near you in the morning.Thinking about gigs, it would have to be one of our most significant in our known universe; it doesn't get much more important. What we do at times can seem insignificant. Most things start with a dream or that flash of imaginati
Speaking to a few who are just going through that "don't know if they are coming or going" phase. It can happen at any stage; until you come through the " awakening"; this is what you do and what you will be doing into the foreseeable future. You know, the one things are not panning out like you had hoped that they would, or the results are like that song playing a few notes off-key. You know it's off; it's just a weird experience, like listening to that covers band throttling an anthem. I am s