Progress Week 1

Last Update: October 21, 2017

It's been one week since I decided to commit again to WA and my websites.

I had the goal to write 3 posts on each of my websites by the end of the week. Unfortunately so far I have only written 3 of those with another one in progress.

Today I'll finish number 4 and unless I can push 2 posts tomorrow and this evening, I'll have failed. Yet, I am glad as I feel like I did accomplish something at last.

And also I have posted two basic pieces of training on WA which still feels like an accomplishment, even if not that big. If you want to check them out, here they are:

I want to keep committing and be more consistent and disciplined so I can reap the rewards in the future.

Have a great weekend,


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bigrog44 Premium
Hey, Alex, I know what it's like when you don't have too much time to write a post on your website. I have to try to make time if I can. Right, now I've been home for the last couple weeks due to health problems.
Aless Premium
Hope you get well and use the time to catch up
MozMary Premium
Hey, Alex! What a productive week with two interesting trainings too!

Have you seen the goals setting options in SiteContent, I find that that when we set the goal for the week then the subconscious mind takes up and that little clock is internalized and pushes us to complete. Also easier when we share those goals commit openly.

I did a September Sitecontent Challenge last month to meet my publishing goals, it shows you how to set those goals if you aren't already, they've updated sitecontent since I wrote this but the goals are still there...
Aless Premium
Thank you for this, I'll check it out