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Last Update: July 05, 2019

Hello WA Friends

Hope you are all doing well and having a super-productive day.

Today, I wanted to ask if you might have some suggestions on how I could better brand my YT Channel. And it is not the visual brand that I'm concerned about here, but how to present myself in the best/most memorable way?

(When I say 'better brand' please, don't be mislead - my YT Channel is not branded at all as yet.)

There are so many internet marketers out there, it got me thinking I should find an angle of my personality/interests that could make me stand out at least a little bit.

Some of you might know that I am an opera singer as well. Could this be something I could use in my videos? In my introductions? My story?

I can feel there could be something in it but have no idea how to go about it.

If you have any ideas or know of someone who could help me with this, I'd be very grateful if you would let me know.

Thank you!

Have a great day,


PS The link to my YouTube channel is in my profile contact me section

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SStubbins1 Premium
I'm sorry I don't have knowledge in this area.
Russ1962 Premium
Biteable have recently released some YouTube intro templates that look good but I'm not sure if that's the sort of thing you're looking for. I just subscribed to your Youtube, followed your FB, but a strange thing happened on your Instagram, a popup window saying action blocked when I clicked on follow,...I've never known that before, anyway, keep up the good work Alenka..

AlenkaV Premium
Russ, hi, thanks so much for your input. I'll definitely check out the Biteable.

I would like to find out actually what is it that I could say, pull out of my personal story that could relate to my affiliate marketing side from my music side of things... Something like Singing Affiliate Marketer lol (but less cheesy...)

Thank you for subscribing (wow, will head over to my Insta account and see if I can figure out why it that happening..., thanks for letting me know).

Have a great day,
davehayes Premium
I'll take a look and come back to you Alenka, as I think I know what you mean.

First of all, I would describe about you in the about me box, with a link to either your blog or list

You seem to have a mix of videos, which in the main are review ones or so it seems, so on that basis, why not become a reviewer of products and put them in different playlist organisations.

I have done similar on my channel and having looked at Jays recent SEO training and studying SEO myself at the moment, very definitely you can maximise your channel this way, both through subscribers and then growing it into something bigger, which will happen by default

You certainly have more than than basics in place, so well done

I have also subscribed and hit the bell !
AlenkaV Premium
Dave, hi, thanks so much for your help.
I'm more after the advice on personal branding... still finding my feet with which content exactly I'd like to create in the long run.
I've organized all of my videos into Playlists.
But, what I'd like to find out is how to go about finding what would in 'my story' be the best thing to present.
Thanks :)

PS Thank you so much for subscribing! :) :)
davehayes Premium
What does your analytics on you Tube say or show you
AlenkaV Premium
Well..personal branding is not really the part of YT analytics... not sure what you mean.