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Hello dear WA Friends! Here's one more Facebook Tips post.Hope you find it useful :)Facebook Tips1. Post less often (yes, you read it right). Leave 6-8 hours in between posts for best reach.2. Use stories. They promote trust. Incorporate in stories whatever you might be selling/promoting.3. Save your best posts for your wall. Everything else you can share in stories. Posts that don’t perform well hurt your group, so you don&rsq
Hello, dear FB Friends!Hope you’re all having a lovely day. Here are some of the changes that FB now considers when helping you (or not!) to grow your FB Group. I hope you find this useful :)FB algorithm is all about meaningful interactions and good user experience. What does this mean? In short - not all reactions to your posts are created equal in FB eyes. They want their users to have a happy, fulfilling experience on the platform so, sad face, angry face reactions are going to have yo
Hello dear WA FriendsHope you are all doing well and achieving amazing results. And if not achieving results immediately, I do hope you are taking action every day, because that is what is going to get you results soon. :)Now, I haven't been blogging here for a while (I shall endevour to change that) because I've been busy in improving my online marketing skills on other platforms and doing new and exciting stuff. In fact, I've been working harder than ever on getting my 'game' where it needs t
Hello WA FriendsHope you are all doing well and having a super-productive day.Today, I wanted to ask if you might have some suggestions on how I could better brand my YT Channel. And it is not the visual brand that I'm concerned about here, but how to present myself in the best/most memorable way?(When I say 'better brand' please, don't be mislead - my YT Channel is not branded at all as yet.)There are so many internet marketers out there, it got me thinking I should find an angle of my persona
Wealthy Affiliate Program is one of the most lucrative and comprehensive affiliate marketing programs online.It has tools to help you with the promotion of this great platform in the best way possible. WA has media, banners, automated messages, custom links and so many other features that you can leverage to create a full time business out of promoting it. Bootcamp TrainingWealthy Affiliate offers a step by step training on how to become a successful WA affiliate. Here you'll find 70 lessons on
Hello WA FriendsThis is a short one, just to say how much I love this place that is Wealthy Affiliate!These fabulous updates just keep coming.This one is super-useful and saves a ton of time by not having to roam the internet for affiliate programs. We have it now all here. The membership here is one of the best things one can do if you want to become an affiliate marketer. Honestly, I haven't seen a better place!Have you?Thank You, Kyle. Thank You, Carson. Best,Alenka
Hello WA FriendsI am so behind my WA SAC blogging - I've been busy doing many other things, but of course, excuses are only that...excuses. So, I'll try to make up for the lost time in the next few days.YouTube Honestly, I could spend the whole day on YT (and, noooo, no I have not been doing that, promise). There is so much to see and learn there. This, of course is not news to me, but now, that I count myself as one of the YT Creators (yeeey) I'm taking a renewed interest in this platform. Mil
Hello dear WA FriendsThis is going to be a short one.What are your goals for today?Here are mine:1. Write and publish a blog post for my site2. Record and publish two videos for my YouTube Channel3. One post for my FB Page (if you'd like to follow me click on the link in the FOLLOW ME section on my profile - Thanks!)4. Two posts for my Instagram account (if you'd like to follow me click on the link in the FOLLOW ME section on my profile - Thanks!)5. Answer emails6. Work on the email series for
Hello my dear WA FriendsHave you started your YouTube Channel yet?Yes? Congratulations, you are utilizing the hottest traffic source at the moment (and for sometime to come). No? Why not? The whole world and their cat is moving to video, so you should too.I've been reading through some blogs here on WA, and also comments on YT why people are struggling to start their YT Channel.Here are some of the most common excuses, and if you are making those yourself, I'd like to help you overcome them. Co
Hello WA FriendsI've been accepted to work with Kyle on becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate (try saying this super-fast ;) ). Needless to say I'm so happy and very, very determined to rise to the challenge and make it to Vegas in 2020.A year ago, I didn't know anything about affiliate marketing. A year latter I'm working on becoming a super-affiliate. If I could share one thing I've learned from my time here is: hard work and dedication will get you to places you didn't even think you