I'm back in Canada, and this means I'm back home and I can keep on my online business.

After 6 weeks in Mexico with my family, my to do list looks just like this, lots and lots things to do, but one thing at the time.

I'm happy to be back to my normal life, but this also means I will be missing my children and grandson as they live in Mexico.

I spend four weeks with my grandson, he is only 6 years old, we spent great time together and we are good friends, he had lots of questions to asked me.

Yes, most of those questions were like adult questions, he wants to know everything.

To tell you the true, I loved those moments even sometimes it's hard to stay cool and tell him it's not time yet to know everything.

I had to tell him it's better to wait a few years before I can answer those questions.

He asked me "-how many years do I need to wait?

I told him... "-well, lets say you need to wait until you turn 18 years old"

He was not happy.

Now I know, next time I see him, he will have more questions for me.

I miss him already.


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jtaienao Premium
Welcome back Alejandra. Glad you were able to spend good quality time with your family.
Carol46 Premium
Grandchildren are a wonderful gift, enjoy while you can as they grow up so quickly :)
Gerlinde Premium
Hi Alejandra,
I like your image, it reminds me of my public office, where I worked years ago ;-)
Glad that you had a good time with your family.
Welcome back,
laparra1 Premium
Good morning Alejandra,

How nice for you to have been these weeks with your family, memories are things we always have. We have been a couple days in Madrid with a hot 40C, I am happy to be back home with 30C.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
ericpierre Premium
Welcome back Alejandra.
MKearns Premium
It's always great to visit grandkids Alejandra. Now it's back to being can do in Canada!
susanmacneil Premium
Welcome back. There is nothing like being connected with your children and your grandchildren
AlejandraB Premium
Yes, true Susan, and he is such a nice boy!! I will miss him now
pablocortina Premium
Welcome back. Hope you see your kids and grandkids again real soon
AlejandraB Premium
Me too, I hope to see them soon, this is another reason that keeps me on working on my online business!
lynnsam61 Premium
Welcome back Alejandra. I'm sure you have a lot of catching up to do after being away for so long. Kids have no concept of time. To them even a year is forever.
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks Lynn, it's true a year for kids is 100 years, and this time for me too.
vin8 Premium
Welcome back.
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks a lot Wayne
colejaekwile Premium
Kids can be so funny at times the things they can come out with!
Good to have you back online!
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks so much, I'm happy to be back here