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When working on a website to build your own online business, take the Time To Set New Goals as March 2020 is over!Hi everyone,It has been a busy month at home, with more time to stay here, we decided to stay focused on creating more content for my website, (I really worked on two websites)As a team with my husband we work together in one website, and we set up the goal for March 2020 to write 20 posts.We made it! - We wrote the amazing number of 24 new posts for our website!This website is 7 mo
March 19, 2020
2020 Blogging Challenges, Wealthy Affiliate the best platform to build up my own online business.Hello everyone!When it was time to start a new year, January 2020 found me working almost every single day on my new website, along with my husband and a personal coach!From the last months of 2019 and the first couple of months of 2020 I learned to work on a website the way it should be (my personal coach is also a member of this great community)I learned how to stay focused working on one website
Wealthy Affiliate Training Works Great! Ranking # 1Hello Everyone!As I keep working on my sites every single day, writing new content for my sites (focusing only on two websites for the moment) I keep telling myself to stay focused on Wealthy Affiliate training.As I told you on my previous blog, I stopped running after any shinning stars anymore!As Iam working on two posts for my quilting sites (one in English and one in Spanish - same content) I follow now every single step of the training.Bef
How to build my website - February ReportI can't believe I haven't blogged for more than a month here at Wealthy Affiliate! February comes to an end today and this month kept me so busy working almost every single day on my website.Time flies when you're busy and today I'm happy to share that I did everything on my list, and I see my new site is growing good and steady!Goals Accomplished15 new blog post on my new website (my husband and I kept working as a team, so the success is from both of u
After 3 hours of publishing a new post on my website, it's ranking on Google Page 2!!Hello everyone!After a few weeks with no new blog here on Wealthy Affiliate, finally I can share a small success!I know, we all work hard to write content that will rank good on Google so our website can get some traffic.Getting more traffic to our websites means, our affiliate business will grow and each one of us will start to make money online!Learn How To Make Money With The Affiliate Marketing System.For m
December 31, 2019
Time to close a year, time to open a new year!Hello everyone!I've been so busy working on a new website for the last four months! This is the reason I haven't been sharing much with you.2019 Has been a good year for me.I traveled to visit my family and I was invited to travel for a week with one of my sons to visit Toronto.I decided to be more focused on my work to build up an online business here at Weathy Affiliate - and the universe listened to me and everything worked great.I'm healthy and
December 25, 2019
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!After a few weeks working hard (and smart) on a new site, today is day to take off from the computer and spend time with the family.We're having a green Christmas with no much snow at all and good weather, warmer that other Christmas days, so we'll be going out for a walk later.I hope you all have a great day today.Alejandra.
December 02, 2019
When you work to build up your online business, you need to keep at it almost day and night, but one day you'll get a little success on your website!Hello everyone!I know I've not been here as often as I wish, I had been sharing some more tips about what to do or not on a website.I've been working almost day and night on my websites writing some new content and checking on old content to improve it.After i have been working for many weeks on this strategy I am starting to see some little succes
Why it is important to keep writing blogs at Wealthy Affiliate? It will help your online business to grow, WA blogs rank well on Google, it's a good reason to keep at it, to help your client to find you.Hello everyone!It's been a long time since my last post here, so today I'm taking the time to share an update of my work during the last weeks.Everything works great, when you focus on the work to do!I've been busy most of the days creating content for my websites, and I'm happy to share that I
Happy Thanksgiving Day Canada!Hello everyone, today is the day to celebrate and be thankful for everything we have!FamilyHomeFriendsA way to make some money (job or business)HealthHappiness (little or big)And the list can go on and on.Today I take a moment to write this blog to thank you Wealthy Affiliate and you all.5 years ago I signed up to WA and since that moment I started learning to build up my online business.I'm part of a great community that shares everything that is helping me to lea