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Happy Thanksgiving Day Canada!Hello everyone, today is the day to celebrate and be thankful for everything we have!FamilyHomeFriendsA way to make some money (job or business)HealthHappiness (little or big)And the list can go on and on.Today I take a moment to write this blog to thank you Wealthy Affiliate and you all.5 years ago I signed up to WA and since that moment I started learning to build up my online business.I'm part of a great community that shares everything that is helping me to lea
Hi everyone!Update!!My site is back to normal :)Sitesupport got it back to work normal!!Thanks so much !!Since yesterday, I'm having a few problems with one of my sites.My blog was down yesterday so I sent a Support Ticket and they, as always were fast to answer me and they told me there was a few problems with my site and it took a few hours but my site was back.This morning, my site was gone from the websites' manager board here at WA!Yes, you can see I was in shock at that moment!I tried to
* How To Write Content For Your Blog during the week-end. *Hello everyone.Long time since my last blog, time flies when you're busy and before I noticed, it has been a few weeks since my last blog at WA, so it's time for me to share what I've been doing lately.Write More Content For Your Blog.That was the note I have in front of my desk, so I can get focused on that task.Has it worked? Yes it has, I've been busy working on it.As a result of a few more articles published on my website, I see som
* Easy steps to learn to rank # 1 on Pinterest - and your website will get tons of traffic! *Hello everyone!I'll keep this blog short.As I keep working on creating more content for my website, I keep working on finding the right keywords and how to place them on a new post.If you're like me, sometimes I find myself wondering how to do it to reach my goal to see my website taking off and reach those numbers that will start bringing good results.When you learn how to work the SEO on a new blog po
August 01, 2019
* Affiliate Marketing is a long term adventure, it will have its good days and it will have some challenges to work on, everything is possible if you work on it *Hello everyone!Long time since my last post.A few things changed in my life as an online entrepreneur that has kept me busy working on a few things.No more unlimited internet at home!Hard to believe this can happen to us!We (my husband and I) used to have a good unlimited internet service.I never had to worry about how much internet I
Hello everyone,I have a question for you today.It seems I don't have Amazon Native Ads feature and I need your help today.What do I need to do to get this feature?This is what I need and somehow I don't have it. Do I need to do something to get it?Thanks for your help. Alejandra.
* For a long time, I've been wondering How To Write A Viral Post with Wealthy AffiliateTraining that can help me to take my website to reach hundreds of visits per day. Well it looks like yesterday I did it! *I have been busy lately and I haven't shared any post to the WA community for one reason, I didn't have anything good to share.Another reason I didn't share any blog to the WA community was, because I was focused to learn again what to do the right way!Back to Wealthy Affiliate Training.I'
I'm Back to Wealthy Affiliate after 30 days on Vacations, a short report about how my website works without me working on it.How to build a passive income via affiliate marketing.I'm back home after spending 30 days abroad visiting my children and grand-children and other family members.It was a good to visit to my family in Mexico and enjoyed the good weather while in Canada has been a cold Spring time.Before I went on vacation I got everything ready to be able to visit my family and not to wo
How to write an about page on your website. This will be one of the most visited pages on your website, it needs to welcome your readers to follow you.Hello everyone.Long time since my last blog here at Wealthy Affiliate, so it's time to let you know how things are lately on my websites.It's nice to say that everything keeps going nicely.It's great to see how the good work I did last year is starting to pay off.I need to say I was part of the first edition of the Super Wealthy Affiliate challen
I've been working hard and I made it! 1K followers on YouTube!Hello everyone!Last week was a Wow week for me!It began on Monday when I saw my numbers going up and up each day: 978... 985 ... 990Then, I was checking on it and I was just telling to myself, 2 more, yes, 2 more, wow!Yes! I made it last Thursday - My YouTube channel reached 1K followers!So I had to wait two more days to get an e-mail from YouTube telling me: Congratulations you made it!And let me tell you that reaching my first 1000