How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Last Update: Oct 18, 2022

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How To Get More Traffic To Your Website, and how to find the keywords your site needs.

Hello everyone!

Hope you're doing great and keep working on your websites.

How To Turn A Ghost Town Website Into A Website With Traffic

The story begins about one year and a half, here at WA.

As many bloggers, I was facing the problem to see this website doing very poorly, about 20 or 30 visits per day, and some days it was even worse.

I've talked about this website before, it is a 6 years old on a hobbies niche (Quilting), and I was working on it the best way I could, but I was getting tired of getting poor results from it.

A year ago, I was feeling this website was a total failure, I even thought about forgetting it and starting a new one, wish I did.

Why did I start a new website?

There were many reasons, like:

  • This niche is not good.
  • I'm not good at it.
  • I might have done something wrong setting up this website.
  • And more and more excuses.

Why To Keep Working On A Website?

There are many reasons why you should keep working on a website:

  • You love the niche you're working on.
  • Other people and websites are doing great on that niche.

Prince Partha To The Rescue

You might not see me much on here on WA platform, but you can be sure, I spend most of my time here, mostly writing new content, and reading your blogs.

It was then, about a year ago, maybe more, when I read a blog written by Prince Partha, talking about Keywords and how to find a good keyword that will help any website to get some traffic.

After reading one of his blogs, I read a few more, it was when I thought about the problem on my website it was not the niche, it was about I was writing the wrong type of content.

The First Thing To Do On Your Website

Look at your website with a different point of view, maybe like someone who is interested on your niche... what do you see here, a place to stay or well no, maybe I jump to another website to find what I need.

Bang! That hurts!, but it's better to know that.

What I found on my website was a very poor keywords research, very poor keywords count.

Equal to very poor traffic to this website.

I send a PM to Prince Partha and he replied to me right away, he told me about some ideas to get more keywords that could work for my website.

With that list of keywords in my hands, I started to check what websites already have them and how they write those blog posts, I even checked those websites traffic and their best keywords, shares on Social Media and everything I could know more about those well written websites.

My website looked at that moment like a very small baby, poor keywords count, no traffic or very little and it was like that moment was an Aha! moment for me.

- So, that is the way those big website work!

- If they can do it, I will do it too!

Going from a ghost town website, to a website with lots of traffic, takes lots of work and time, but you can do it!

What I've Been Doing On My Website

- First, I took my time to check if the website was well set (WA training)

- Then, I check Google Analytics and Search Console, I wrote down on a note book those numbers, to come back later and check if the new work will be working as expected.

- I gave myself one year to get better results.

- Stop working on this website was not an option.

One Year Later.

One year later, or maybe less, but at that time this website had about 277 posts, today it has 325 posts.

From 20 to 30 visits per day, it has been working over 100 visits per day for some time, then I saw the traffic going up and up.

The last two weeks, this website has been working a little shy from 200 visits per day.

This is a huge change with a little less of new 50 new posts on this website!

Do I think the same about this website, as I was thinking one year ago, oh no! I strongly believe this website even has lots of potential to grow well.

What's Next For This Website?

At the moment, I found a seed keyword, and it took me to find a good list of keywords that will help to grow the keyword count on this website.

Keywords to help me to write more content, as I can write helping content on this niche with a short words content, 300 to 800.

I have already at least 20 new keywords to write a post on my list, that will keep me busy for the next 3 weeks, and this is helping me to find more new keywords.

What To Do In Your Website.

I must say, if you're feeling like I was feeling a year ago, that my website was getting poor results, and I was not good at this, give yourself the opportunity to see your website with a different view, and look for what the problem is.

Here at WA we all have everything we need to built up a successful website, but each one of us needs to learn the ropes and time, and many successful bloggers have not reached the success with their first website, some have had to built up to 10, before they built that success story we all know.

Don't delete your website, give yourself the time to work on it one more year, do again WA training, and read Prince Partha blogs.

A big thanks to Prince Partha and all his help, this website is working better, and I'm sure with one more year of good work, it will be working amazing!

Let me know if after you write more new content for your website, you can see some better results from it. I'm sure you will do a better job there!

Thanks for reading my blog today!


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Very helpful and motivating.
Glad that you didn't give up on the website.
Thank you for sharing your experience.

Very awesome post, Alejandra! Prince Partha is the BEST!


Thank you Jeff!

Yes, Prince Partha is the best, I don’t miss to read any of his new blogs here at WA.


You're very welcome, Alejandra! More proof with your site that PP's methods work!


wonderful post ! thank you! I just keep trying

Thank you, yes keep trying, and find those keywords to help your audience, those post will help your website to get more traffic.

Hello Alejandra,
This is a great read and very motivating. I'm in a similar situation as you were. My website wasn't going ANYWHERE until I read some of Prince Partha's blogs. His teachings have inspired me to change track and move forward with my site in a new direction and very positive way.
I'm excited about the future and very grateful for the help of Partha and the people here at WA! Giving up is not an option for me lol.

To your continued success!

I am happy to hear that you did not give up and got to the root of the problem. That is what makes this community so awesome, there are many who have been down the same road. Why not follow what they do to fix our own issues? Such a no-brainer.

Thank you for that tip and congratulations on your success.


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