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Last Update: September 09, 2016

Just five weeks have passed since I joined Wealthy Affiliate's network of beginner and professional bloggers and even though I've had over 15 years of professional experience with website design, programming and online marketing, I believe I have discovered a true opportunity not just for me, but for everyone.

One portal - three valuable components for online professionals and beginners

Wealthy Affiliate's three main components offer significant benefits to anyone interested in online marketing, professional blogging, and building a website for themselves:

  • Training
  • Live support
  • and Wordpress hosting

All three segments are combined in one single portal where you can keep a variety of websites for clients, build online passive income streams, or dabble in some personal observations with online blogging.

Wealthy Affiliate is perfectly suited to experienced online professionals and beginners wanting to start a career, or earn extra money by starting a business.

Beginners are welcome to a free online training course which includes website hosting and free Wordpress templates, and as a professional, I've found the course just as valuable. You can choose to keep the free service, or upgrade to the Premium level which allows you to purchase your own domain names, more Wordpress themes, and unlimited access to training and support.

Why do I find Wealthy Affiliate to be the best partner in my 15 years plus as an online professional?

  • Reliable hosting: In the five weeks so far, I have not seen one single malfunction or one second of delay in developing a website, or accessing support and training. Many website hosting companies, even the biggest ones, have demonstrated poor service and unsuccessful support in the first few minutes.
  • Streamlined functionality: Creating test websites, publishing new websites, purchasing domain names, and the website management tools are the easiest I have used. This is crucial for professionals who want to save time, perfect for beginners who want to keep training steps easy and simplified.
  • Training: The training is step by step. If you have never created a website, you will be able to build your own Wordpress website at your own pace. It would be possible to create your new website within a day. If you only have an hour a day, it would be possible within a week! Step by step videos introduce you to the basics and you don't need to research elsewhere. Professionals will find the training just as beneficial and the insights into monetizing a website, (or making a website earn money), are invaluable.
  • Support: There is nothing like the support that I have received with Wealthy Affiliate. Website creation can be a lonely place. Just you and your keyboard and a computer screen. There are times when you feel like you are going nowhere with an online creation or your entire career! Other times you can be stuck with how to add a new page or a photo. Wealthy Affiliate's group of online volunteers are there to help and support you with any questions no matter what level of ability you have. People all around the world are connected 24 hours a day and all you need to do is post a question on a live feed and within minutes an offer of help will be posted back to you.
  • Encouragement: Website creation is a mind game at times. Family and friends usually don't understand the technical and creative elements to creating online. Your friends might suggest you resign from your passion and just get a job, or take the day off for a break. Wealthy Affiliate's support groups understand your passion. There are thousands of website professionals who identify with everything you are experiencing and can offer words of encouragement, words of support, steps in training, and keep you on track to reach your objectives.
  • Opportunity! I've set the 'opportunity' word in bold and italics to emphasize what is almost a hidden component to the Wealthy Affiliate collaboration. Yes you are trained to build websites, if you are already a professional or an experienced website designer, then your skills are enhanced. You are ALSO given direct insights for creating an online business where you can make a little extra money, or a lot! You are trained in SEO, search engine marketing, and social media. You are also taught techniques in how to actually earn an income from your website.

If you are investigating Wealthy Affiliate right now, you are in the right place at the right time. If you just want to publish a simple personal or business website online then you are welcome to continue with the free starter level package and keep your website at Wealthy Affiliate's free hosting.

" ... the scope of your success with Wealthy Affiliate's training and support is determined by your imagination and your effort."

If you want to earn a little or a lot in a home based business, the scope of your success with Wealthy Affiliate's training and support is determined by your imagination and your effort. I encourage you to start with the free membership right now, and you can experience the best online training, support, and opportunity available while you decide if online blogging is right for you.

Alan O'Neill
Professional Blogger :)

P.S. The real reason for composing the above post was because Lesson 7 of Course 4 in the Certification training in WA directed this as a training step. Yes! Every word in the blog is true and based on my personal experience.

In the same lesson, it was mentioned that a blog post in the WA system will likely index with Google within minutes. "Going professional with blogging" is shown in the screen shot below at number 3 - yes NUMBER 3!!! in a Google search within 15 minutes of my hitting the publish button. This is proof the training in Wealthy Affiliate works!!!

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pacopeland Premium
great info and strong message, thanks for sharing.
Hofmeister Premium
This is the best blog I've read promoting WA so far. You should get a truckload of referrals through this. Awesome work, Alan.
alanoneill Premium
Wow! Thanks Hofmeister!
T1967 Premium
Great and motivational blog
alanoneill Premium
Thank you for viewing Moses.
chuka Premium
Thank you Alan for sharing your insights.
alanoneill Premium
I know it's long, but when I realized the page is potentially indexed with Google, I composed the post to a much wider audience. WA is soooo cool! :)

Thanks so much Chuka.
JudeP Premium
Great post Alan :)
alanoneill Premium
Thank you Jude.