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Last Update: December 05, 2019

When I was an aspiring writer growing up, as a way to develop our storytelling skills, my friends and I all had a game we would play. We called the game “Prove It”.

The rules of the game were quite simple: whomever was up would make the most outrageous claim they could come up with, the others would say, “Prove it,” and that person would squirm in their chair trying to justify what they just said.

For example, someone might claim, “The earth is flat.” We would all tell them to prove it. They might reply with something like, “If it were round, we would all fall off.” (Boring)

The next person might claim, “The earth is round.” Again, the group would ask them to prove it, and they might reply with, “Because if it were flat, my freaking cat would have pushed everything off the edge by now.” (Winner!)

It was always a lot of fun and a great exercise in creativity.

What does this have to do with you and Wealthy Affiliate?

I sometimes see skeptical new members — and even a few veteran members who should know better by now — asking, nay demanding, proof when a member posts a success story. Someone claims they made $100, $500, or $1000, and that person wants to see proof. “Show me your PayPal account.” “Post your bank statement.” “Let me see the check.” Whatever.

But here’s the truth. The issue is not how much that person made or didn’t make; the issue is how much YOU will make.

You see, just because Jerry, for instance, made $40,000 in four hours doesn’t mean you will. And just because he went on to bring in $100,000 in a week does not mean the same is possible for you. You don’t know what his situation was. It could be that he is just that good (He is, by the way.) It could be that he just got lucky. Indeed, he could be just straight up making it all up. But you know what? Who cares? It doesn’t matter.

A person’s results are just that: their results. That does not mean you or I can duplicate that. We aren’t in their shoes. We may earn much less. Indeed, depending on our particular circumstances, we may even do better. We have members that made money their first week. And we have members that have been at it for years and are still struggling. It doesn’t mean they won’t succeed; it just means it isn’t their time yet.

Whenever I am asked now to “prove it”, I always respond the same way. “There is only one person I have to prove anything to, and she sleeps next to me, cooks me breakfast, and has put up with my crap for the last 27 years… unless you are willing to do the same, she’s the only one that gets access to my bank account.”

The point is that success stories are awesome. And you should read every one of them. But they should be used as inspiration, not as a measuring stick. As the saying goes, your results may vary.

Take care.


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YumaBloggers Premium Plus
Someone wants payment proof I tell them you have been frequenting the wrong programs because no honest marketer touts what they make. Honest marketers know that you may or may not do less or do more.

There is no way I can tell you about the thousands of dollars I have made online and expect you to make the same amount because I did. You can learn fast/slower, or have more/less money to invest, and your words may/may not flow off the page and resonate with your readers the same as mine.

While at the end of the day what I make is between my wife, myself, and the IRS it would be unfair to you to tell you that number because YOU and only YOU decide your worth.
NWTDennis Premium
Great piece AJ, and it makes sense. I've not run in to a member comment wanting proof of another member's shared success, but I believe you.

You said it all ... "they should be used as inspiration, not as a measuring stick". That is the intent of Kyle's sharing encouragement to members.

Nice work.
AJTrimble1 Premium
Wayne66 Premium
One could say you have a way with words AJ and, they would be right.

You are right. It doesn't matter. All that matters is what are we going to do with this training? How persistent are we going to be? How hard are we going to work?

Kyle and Carson have given us a proven way to be successful online but nothing happens until we take consistent, un-quitting (is that a word?) ACTION.

Love it, Do it, or leave it!


P.S. I want to print this off, stick it on the wall in front of me and read it every day
AJTrimble1 Premium
Thanks. I agree. I don't know if un-quitting is an "official" word, but it is definitely a great philosophy! :-)
Jules73 Premium
Thanks for sharing, great post AJ, although I think to ask someone for proof is appalling, as you say what does it matter, it ain't going to affect your bottom line if they've made a dime or not...

...surely the real value is from the inspiration to keep going and realise your own success...! Jules
JeffreyBrown Premium
Yes, Jules--the inspiration! I agree!

AJTrimble1 Premium
Exactly. Thanks.
Twack Premium
Well I've got $0.06 in my Adsense account. Pound it. Noggin. Seriously though, you are so right. Everything is here for us, as a template. How we fill in those blanks, make those choices, add content, choose a niche, is all down to us. There is no magic bullet or secret formula for overnight success. Just down to ourselves and consistent, hard work.
AJTrimble1 Premium
Hahaha... well, that's six cents more than I have in mine at the moment. lol

Thanks. :-)
starfalex123 Premium
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