What are we communicating in our postsblogs?

Last Update: March 01, 2017

I have barely passed one and a half months in WA, have amassed a bit more than a thousand in my WA Network and am aiming to break the 200 mark in rank. Still, I am puzzled and frustrated that I just cannot seem to get along in my certification courses any quicker.

Then, I turn on my email...AND...if yours is like mine, there an average of 90-110 a day. I try my best to respond to ALL of them since I AM part of a COMMUNITY and feel it is an obligation to keep contact with my fellow WA members.

Between the emails, my WA course studies, being the "stay-at-home-Papa" with all that entails, teaching three online courses at three different colleges, trying to complete my book, and desperately needing to get my website going to make money, my day, which begins at 4:30 AM, is full to say the least.

Then, I come to the full realization that I am not unique in any of this in our WA Community. All of us carry a similar consignment of responsibility...and THAT is what makes us WA members.

What truly amazes me, nevertheless, is the sheer panoply of views, ideas, notions, and approaches revealed in our posts/blogs! It is amazing!

So just what do our blogs say about us as individuals and as a group? It seems to me that although we have emerged from backgrounds which are immeasurably disparate, we all hold some very basic values and truths.

I see it in the poets, of which we have more than a few, in the analytical mentalities, in the organizers -- some of whom border on having OCD --, and the plethora of strong personalities who are more than ready to lend assistance to "newbies" and the "old heads" who might be struggling with a "new" issue.

From my limited perspective, my fellow WA "high achievers" -- which is what I truly believe we are -- it appears to me that we subscribe to the following principles as guides in our lives and in our aspirations as WA entrepreneurs:

1. Is what we are doing truthful?

2. Is what we are doing fair to all concerned?

3. Will what we are doing build good will and create better friendships?

4. Will what we are doing be beneficial to all concerned?

Now, those of you who are either in or know someone who is in Rotary International will recognize this as Rotary's "Four-Way Test of the things we think, say or do." I am a past officer in Rotary and have been honored as "Rotarian of the Year" in the past, so I know wherein I speak when I say to ALL of you WA members THIS is what I see being communicated in our blogs...and it makes me more proud every time I read one of your blogs.

So, as ever, Press On!

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AlexEvans Premium
Well said Arthur, we are blessed to have the opportunity that WA provides.
bosco50050 Premium
"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;working together is success" - Henry Ford
JMupanguri Premium
Great post. Thank for sharing.
GeorgeX Premium
Beautiful post Arthur! I'm not a Rotarian or ever have been but I have a daughter- in- law who is president of our local Rotary. She definitely passes the "Four-Way Test of the things we think, say or do"
angieina Premium
Hi Arthur, You are progressing extremely well ! as you say it is difficult to keep up with all the mail and sometimes it almost seems overwhelming. ....but it is such fun and such a diverse community that there is a compulsion to try and answer everything.
AGOgden Premium
I know...right!