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At this time of year, American citizens are breathing a sigh of relief. They have just completed their income tax returns and are thankful that the most onerous process of that citizenship in the “land of the free” is over for another year – that is, unless they are called for an “audit”.For many years in my ethics lectures, I have posited the notion that not only is personal income tax oppressive to citizens but that it also presents the most profound of moral haz
Just a quick observance of a lost fireman here in our little metropolis of Demopolis, Alabama. As I was taking my daughter, Savannah, to softball practice this afternoon, we were halted at an intersection to the sounds of seemingly 100's of sirens.One of the sheriff's vehicles was holding traffic for the entire intersection. The constant din of the sirens was overwhelming and the number of fire and police vehicles was far more than I had ever seen in our town of barely 10,000 souls. Every fir
March 27, 2017
Well, I'm here! I am #99 and I am very proud! But it has been all my WA Network members who have helped and who have guided me with a myriad of suggestions and edits.As you know, I have great apprehensions about spending more time on the Rankings than on the Website. I need to spend MORE time on my website because my family needs me to bring home "the bacon" as the old saying proffers.But the path getting here was not as onerous as I originally had thought it might be...and that is because o
March 23, 2017
Reading the plethora of blogs and quips which come at us every day must give us pause to seriously reflect on just what they all mean, not merely the individual attempts at wisdom or humor, but the collective meaning of it all.And here you will have to indulge the old philosophy/physics major in his idiosyncratic endeavor to try to make some sense of it all, because the sheer number is becoming quite overwhelming, even modestly stated.There have been a number of us in the WA Community who have
March 07, 2017
I've made the 200 Rank level and am really quite taken! Been with WA since mid-January, have over 1000 in my Network, and have written only a few blogs. I really must step up my game and continue to PRESS ON! I have a family to feed!
I often get aggravated at some of the topics I consider when thinking about my blog posts.In all instances, I want my blogs to actually contribute something to our WA Community and to harken to the Bard's admonition that "Brevity is the Soul of Wit". I do not need to be contemplating my navel configuration with my ideas via my blogs. Hence, I seek to inform and enhance the Community through my feeble attempts at wit and wisdom with my posts.As such, let me be the first to remind the WA Commun
I have barely passed one and a half months in WA, have amassed a bit more than a thousand in my WA Network and am aiming to break the 200 mark in rank. Still, I am puzzled and frustrated that I just cannot seem to get along in my certification courses any quicker.Then, I turn on my email...AND...if yours is like mine, there an average of 90-110 a day. I try my best to respond to ALL of them since I AM part of a COMMUNITY and feel it is an obligation to keep contact with my fellow WA members.
February 24, 2017
MARDI GRAS IN THE SOUTHWell, it's that time of year, again, here in The South-- at least that part of The South originally settled by the French. This, of course, includes Louisiana, Mississippi, AND for those of you who did not know it, most of Alabama. In fact, Mobile, Alabama, is the birthplace of Mardi Gras having the record of holding the longest annual celebrations in the United States.The Mobile celebrations were first held in 1703, but New Orleans did not hold their first until sometime
February 22, 2017
As I am moving ever so assiduously through the challenges of our WA program of certification, and being immersed in the experiences of my fellow workers in the WA vineyards through their shared writings and blogs, I reflect on the meaning of "rewards" and measures of achievement.Sometimes I believe that we place too much emphasis on the outcomes of achievement and not enough on its process. And that has become problematic for those of us who have been involved in sport or other competition. I
February 19, 2017
When I began with WA roughly one month ago, I had great expectations of getting right after it and making Kyle and Carson very proud of my efforts and my progress. But,as with so many others who begin a trek with great expectations, there were "bumps" in the road and real dragons behind the trees.Alas, I did not keep up with my own expectations. A kind of existential angst began to set in -- that is until I received some very good advice and guidance from Neil (we know him as "NeBro"). He re