My First Sale!

Last Update: May 17, 2016

Hi Guys,

I had been wanting to write a blog post for a few weeks now, but couldn't think what to write about... So I thought I would talk about something many have been through before and many will go through eventually. I am of course talking about my first sale! An event that has helped give me that little bit more motivation that I am on the right track and I can achieve my goals through affiliate marketing.

I set up an Amazon affiliate site to provide information about cat flaps, microchip ones, specifically (I like cats, of course I do, I'm on the Internet! :) ). I researched online about the different products available, the benefits of them, why people buy them, what are they trying to solve with them, etc.

I then built the website with about 15-20 posts, including a few product reviews with some affiliate links and then waited...

Not much happened at first, there were no sales, because nobody was click on my affiliate links, because nobody was really visiting my site :(

Now, I am sure I could improve my website in various different ways. It may be my baby, but even I know it's not perfect! But even then I would have hoped things would've happened more quickly.

But after a month or two, I noticed my traffic was steadily increasing, I had a few clicks on my affiliate links and I had seen that I was rising up the rankings for my keywords. Still not top result on Google but I was heading in the right direction.

And then it happened. After four to five months, I checked my Amazon affiliate account to see the princely sum of £1.44 for two cat flaps bought by one of my site viewers!

It works!!! The system works! Help people out by providing a site with some value to them, give them the opportunity to find you and offer them something of interest and you WILL be rewarded!

I know I have a long way to go, plenty to learn, setbacks ahead, but I'm a bit closer now than I used to be and that's all that matters.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you


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PMindra Premium
Well Done my friend.
JonStevens Premium
Congratulations Sean!
Chrissies Premium
That is so great Sean :)
yakitori Premium
That's awesome Sean! You can only go up from here! Congrats
AnthonyMLM Premium
Awesome progress