Feb 18th 2017 - Are you moving towards your goals?

Last Update: February 18, 2017

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Just a quick post about how much progress we've made and what we still need to do to meet our goals. I would like this to be a way to keep each other accountable from time to time.

Let me know how you guys are doing as well!

Goals and my plan are below.

Here's my progress,

  • Have a plan of action, written a third of my report and arranged a meeting with my mentor - behind at the moment
  • Published at least one post a week, active on Reddit, could answer more questions on Quora and growing my list, albeit slowly.
  • Been exercising four times a week, every week. Eating and sleeping could be a bit better

My three goals for 2017 are,

  • Becoming a chartered civil engineer
  • Grow my bootcamp website
  • Be fit and healthy

I am going to achieve these goals by,

  • Writing my 7500 word report, prepare for my review and have my objectives signed off
  • Grow my email list, be active on Quora and Reddit and publish at least one post a week
  • Exercise at least four times a week, sleep seven hours minimum and cut down on pizzas, sugary snacks and fizzy drinks

Speak to you guys soon!


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brooksbode90 Premium
Thanks for your helpful suggestions, and for just taking the time to care.
kasage00 Premium
thanks for sharing! I'm moving towards my goal of travel writing full-time and making my two online stores successful so I can leave my office job!
reanna1 Premium
Great goals! Thanks for sharing!
Ivine Premium
Hi Sean, you are really organised for 2017. Irv.
VeronicasLuv Premium
Greetings Sean,

Well, one goal was accomplished: I wanted to complete the certification course by the end of February; I was able to finish Thursday of this week! Reading other people's accomplishments with the training, definitely gave me the push I needed to finish.

All the best, Sean!