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Happy Saturday, Everyone!Just a quick post about how much progress we've made and what we still need to do to meet our goals. I would like this to be a way to keep each other accountable from time to time.Let me know how you guys are doing as well!Goals and my plan are below.Here's my progress,Have a plan of action, written a third of my report and arranged a meeting with my mentor - behind at the moment Published at least one post a week, active on Reddit, could answer more questions on Quora
Hey Everyone,I am looking to up mine, and your, Pinterest games and have set up an affiliate marketing group board and am looking for some collaborators. Here's the link, want the group board to be full of quality affiliate marketing pins to provide real value to us, and more importantly, the board's followers.Check out the board and private message me if you're interested!Thanks and have a great day!Sean
Hey Everyone,Hope you've all had a great weekendWe're two weeks into 2017 and I wrote a post ( asking you guys what goals and resolutions you had set and I just want to know how you are doing!So far,I have been working out four times a weekHaven't done any more work on my engineering chartership yetGot 50 email sign ups for my websites and am posting once a weekLet me know how you are getting on and what you are doing to keep yourselves on t
Happy new year everyone!Hope you have had a great break over the holidays. This is the time of the year a lot of people set themselves some new year's resolutions to try and better themselves.This is an obvious time to do it. People have been having some time off, eating, drinking and not doing much else, so it gives people a chance to reflect on the end of the calendar year and look ahead.So people decide to lose weight, quit smoking, join a gym, etc.The problem is a lot of people give up afte
September 24, 2016
Hey everyone!Just a quick post from me, I am interested in collaborating with you guys on my site, which is all about providing pet owners with all the information they need when considering choosing, buying, installing, using, etc their cat flap.I have a few ideas I can discuss in detail with you, just message me to say you're interested and we can go from there.Really open to any ideas you guys might have, so get in touch!Have a great weekend!SeanOwner of http://topc
May 17, 2016
Hi Guys,I had been wanting to write a blog post for a few weeks now, but couldn't think what to write about... So I thought I would talk about something many have been through before and many will go through eventually. I am of course talking about my first sale! An event that has helped give me that little bit more motivation that I am on the right track and I can achieve my goals through affiliate marketing.I set up an Amazon affiliate site to provide information about cat flaps, microchip on