I'm Drunk

Last Update: December 31, 2010

Right now it's almost 6AM here Jan. 01 and I'm freaking drunk!

I'm ready to go this 2011 and I can't wait for the Monday!

I'm averaging $1,000 per month and my goal this year is to reach my first $2,500 in a month and that equates to over Php 100,000. That income is why most Pinoys go to work abroad and I'm going to earn it in my room with my boxers on! :)

I also called my drum mentor for drum lessons and I'm excited because this is the year that I will take the steps on becoming a professional drummer!

Happy New Year to all and I love everyone at WA!


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jimmywrex Premium
awsome bro!
muskyblood Premium
Cheers Raymond!
LittleRhody Premium
Happy New Year! I wish you well on your plan.
Sherion Premium
We haven't even seen New Years Eve yet! 4 more hours to go.
jatdebeaune Premium
Sounds good Raymond. Sending you light! Happy New Year!