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Last Update: August 12, 2015

After making the commitment to go premium here at WA, it didn’t take long to realize that I had to put a plan of action in place to utilize my “business” time more efficiently.

Along with Boot camp training and corresponding activities; constructing a website, posts, comments - responses; and of course content, content (and more content!!!) -- It all seemed a bit overwhelming at first until I realized the importance of time management.

While WA has provided the opportunity, resources and essential training, it is up to me to make the most of this venture if I want to be successful. After all it was I who stated in my previous blog: “It is important that I set aside the necessary time to complete the training classes, community interaction and other activities offered through WA, in order to meet my objectives.”

Since I’m involved in ministry, the weekends are my busiest days, allowing me very little time to work on the business. Other days I am able to set blocks (3-4 hours) of time. Therefore I needed a system where I could work on all of the dynamics of the business, while keeping precedence. To begin with, I found myself spending most of my effort on one task then would run out of time before I could complete another one, therefore…

It Was Important to Find the Right Balance

Course of Action: When I divide my time factor into the following categories based on priority, it looks something like this: Class (Boot camp Training/ Website) – 50%, Community Interaction - Engaging/ Posts – 25%, Additional Content Writing (blogging) – 25%. Certainly this is subject to change as needed.

As I begin this course of action, I would be interested in feedback or ideas from those of you who may have had a similar struggle, and how you learned to handle it. Once I learn to master the time factor more proficiently I would love to be able to share this information with others.

Off to a Fresh Start!

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dvbrh Premium
Helpful to me. Thanks for posting ;)!
adreyna Premium Plus
Thank you for reading and for the kind response!
ricardo1 Premium
Audrey, We all at some point have struggled through this on how to prioritize our time, when it comes to WA. Once you find a routine that works for you, you will be fine. In this business things come to you over time, and it will come to you. God bless!
adreyna Premium Plus
Thanks for your encouragement, I appreciate it. My apologies for the oversight! Blessings to you.
CaroleG Premium
I guess everyone goes through that whenever we get involved in something new and it's a normal part of the learning process, the trial and errors and the little failures from which we all learn.

The secret is in not giving up and keep "experimenting" with it until we find what works for each of us.

I too am pretty new at this and I often find myself overwhelmed or distracted, but I don't let it get me down. I keep working at my footing and trying to find my balance for I sure want to learn this dance.

From what I read in your blog, your train is on the right tracks to get you there. Hang in there friend.

adreyna Premium Plus
Thanks for your encouragement! I agree that it is important that we not give up, but keep "experimenting" and find what works best for us. That's very helpful, and I wish you great success!

JKentopp Premium
Trust me, I am with you the whole way and have struggled with managing my time as well. I work 60 hours a week, 6 days a week. But as you have done, I have created a stricter schedule for me to abide by.

Good luck and someone reminded today of something really important... Make your website and business your number 1 goal. WA is a huge a community and we will forgive you if you are a day or two late responding to a post or comment.

Just make all the email you get from WA a lower priority as you website should be at the highest of all priorities, especially when you're schedule is already pretty tight as it is.
adreyna Premium Plus
It sounds as if you have a very tight schedule as well - thanks for the helpful advice! You're right, I do have to keep my WA business and website first, everything else is secondary! I appreciate the encouragement. Best wishes to you in your endeavor!
cblackston Premium
Priority, Priority ,Priority. I know this isn't any help but I have the same trouble so my advice would be a little pointless. I know you'll get plenty of help form the community. Sorry I wasn't able to help.
just wanted to say it looks like you have a pretty good plan to start with. :)
adreyna Premium Plus
Thanks, Chris! It's just good to know that others have been through the same...Thanks for your encouragement!