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CHOOSING A NICHE. Some may find it extremely difficult to narrow down on a single niche when it comes to actually creating a niche website. A while back I had a real eye opener on just how effective a brick and mortar business could be in illustrating this conception. My ExperienceSome months ago I had the experience of going shopping with myhusband who was in search of another black suit. This particular shop had beenhighly recommended by a few friends of his. There he was able to find
June 30, 2018
Imagine how surprised I was after logging onto Wealthy Affiliate and finding that I was in the Top 200! Even though I've been with WA a couple of years, I am still in the training mode and look to continue, that I might be able to "pay it forward" by passing on what I learn to others.Nevertheless, I love helping and sharing with others the knowledge that I have acquired so far. I believe I'm becoming more of an expert in sharing with others "what not to do," based on my experience.In a nutshe
It is hard to believe that I have been a part of Wealthy Affiliate for two years! The awesome training that we receive here at WA, along with the tremendous community support is priceless. Although this past month has been filled with major events beyond my control, it is great to be back in circulation. I am looking forward to completing the Bootcamp training! Best wishes,~Audrey
I count it a privilege to be part of such an awesome business community that helps to motivate by equipping, empowering and encouraging us to do our best as we work through this incredible online training platform.The support is simply amazing. And with the same dedication I am committed to paying it forward; sharing, motivating and encouraging others as well.Thank you WA Community!Best Wishes,~Audrey
There was never a doubt about taking advantage of the Black Friday offer for the second year! What I didn’t realize was that my payment would automatically recur on my billing date. Therefore, once I had updated my card and clicked on the link, I received the “Congratulations” message stating that I “had all available upgrades!”Yet, I was confused after a couple of days had gone by, and I still hadn’t received an email confirmation like I had last year. The o
September 24, 2016
A few months ago I was at my computer working on a major project when, suddenly – A Disconnection! Although working off-line allowed me to get some basic things done, I had no internet connection and therefore had to momentarily set this important task aside. Shortly afterwards a repairman showed up at the door letting us know that they would have the problem resolved and have us “back up and running in just a short time.” Consequently, the “short time” turned into
When I joined WA a few months ago, I thought it was a great opportunity for anyone serious about creating an online business. I was soon convinced that becoming a Premium Member, with all that it had to offer, was even a greater bargain and therefore signed up.However, the Black Friday promotion going on at WA has to be the greatest opportunity of all. At the cost of $299 for an entire year, it is a tremendous savings and an offer too good to pass up. As a result I just had to upgrade to year
Not too long ago after completing my morning coffee, I was working at the kitchen table when I heard beeping noises. Looking toward the counter, I saw that the “beeping” was coming from my coffee maker, signifying that the “clean” indicator light was on. This was new to me since I had never had an automatic cleaning system on my coffee makers, and had always cleaned them manually.I immediately walked over and began pressing buttons trying to turn off the light, but was u
August 12, 2015
After making the commitment to go premium here at WA, it didn’t take long to realize that I had to put a plan of action in place to utilize my “business” time more efficiently. Along with Boot camp training and corresponding activities; constructing a website, posts, comments - responses; and of course content, content (and more content!!!) -- It all seemed a bit overwhelming at first until I realized the importance of time management.While WA has provided the opportunity, resources and es
July 13, 2015
Upon joining Wealthy Affiliate I became Premium almost a week later, after which I received very encouraging messages from Kyle and Colson, as well as others in the WA community. Yet, I found myself constantly sifting through the posts, blogs and comments trying to understand why this was such an important step and why others were constantly showing their support for me “going premium.” I had read about it before signing up, but there was so much information for this “newbie” to grasp. S