One year at WA!

Last Update: November 09, 2019

Hello WA friends!

It's been one year here at WA and I am so happy about it!

So many things have happened. So many things I have learned.

I started strong and then in January 2019 I stagnated for a few months not being active at all. Then I decided to come back strong again setting goals like finish my training and posting on my website every week. It paid off. The results?

  • 4 of my latest posts ranked 1 on google!! They were indexed less than 24 hours after. I followed the SEO training thouroughly. Searched for more tips here on WA.
  • I am ranking 427 here on WA. My highest rank was 404... I am aiming to become a site commenter and maybe ambassador someday??


I enteracted daily on WA on Live chat, read and commented on posts and left comments on the comments thread and site comments.

Though at this time most of my traffic comes from visitors from WA, I am confident that if I continue to be consistent and write quality content, more and more traffic will come my way!!

Any sales? Nope. Not yet. I decided not to add affiliate links (just one) and haven't signed up with Amazon until I get more traffic.

I encourage all you newbies to go on with the training and like for myself and so many others i

here on WA, your dedication and hard work will pay off!!

I want to thank all the WA community for their awesome support and commitment too that has been a great source of inspiration to me this past adventurous year!!


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Scwebu Premium
Congratulations Merci, great accomplishment.
AlexEvans Premium
Congratulations, Merci, that is a milestone worth celerbrating.
It was refreshing to read your post.

Best wishes for the coming year.

ACPetronelli Premium
Thank you!!
Acm562 Premium
Great post

Keep setting those targets and working hard , I'm sure you will succeed

Take care

Aussiemuso Premium
Congratulations on your productive year. Well done on setting new goals and achieving them. How exciting.
Good point about social media.
Lessons rule as far as I'm concerned.

Wishing you so much success
Lily 😊
ACPetronelli Premium
Thank you!!
accad Premium
Happy stay here in WA.