How to add an embedded youtube video url on the new wordpress editor

Last Update: October 07, 2019

Hello WA friends!

I wanted to add one of my youtube video on an existing blog so I read blogs on the subject on WA but I couldn't do it as it was explained on the new wordpress editor. After more than an hour trying to figure it out, I finally was successful!

First of all, when inserting the embedded link of the video in my post, I couldn't find the 'video/text' editor option? I finally found the editing options clicking on the 3 dots on the very top bar at the very right: "show more tools and options"

Then under editor, you can see 'visual editor' and 'code editor'. That was the problem. I was looking for 'text editor' but now it's 'code editor' instead.

Paste the embedded link where you wish it to appear on your post under 'code editor' and hit 'update'. Go back to the visual editor and you should see your video.

I don't know if that's all clear but hope this helps anyone. :)

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Isaiah14 Premium
Great to know! Thanks for the tip :-)
wendyk Premium
Thank you so much for helping out the community!
TheMagicBrad Premium
I have had some success, by just putting in the YouTube URL, and it comes into the body copy automatically.
ACPetronelli Premium
I've tried that and it worked but my video was too big in size on my blog. I know i could resize it but tried figure out pasting it under "code editor" and it worked. So didn't bother trying to resize it.
Mick-D Premium
Yep, and if you want to center videos or say affiliate links just put <p align = "center" > in front of the code you are entering.
For a video or maybe a banner it would look like <p align="center"><iframe....
or you could swap center for left align or right align.

ACPetronelli Premium
Thanks for the info!
Joes946 Premium
Great information! Many thanks for being helpful.
ACPetronelli Premium
Thank you for the support! :)