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Hello WA friends!I have received an awkward comment and I really wonder how this can be??"Good day to you my furious grind on this day I am not sure I am not really a very educative day for the day and so how many days you can go to see the kids in this week I wanna is the time to go try and go try do it again and then I enjoy it I am not really a bad boy I wan talk about you. Thanks a lot for this review"This is so weird. What do you do with this?? It makes absolutely no sense. Is this a joke?
Hello WA friends!!Just want to share with you how happy I am that I have made the decision to join WA 2 years ago. It's been a challenging but rewarding journey and experience. I have learned so much.-I have just started monetizing my website with adsense (yay!!!!) and that's because I have just applied 2 weeks ago. At first I targeted Amazon but since I didn't get the 3 sales, I got my account closed. I should have applied with Adsense first. Live and learn!! ;)-I am very slow at writing cont
Hello WA friends,Some awesome news here to keep on encouraging those that are just starting out. I started Pinterest in January really hoping it would help me get some traffic to my site, and it did!!In March, 1,2K visitors on my site and 230K monthly viewers on Pinterest.Seeing my traffic finally kicking in (I only have 23 posts but they rank), I decided to sign up for Amazon affiliate and write my 1st 'Best of' post. It took me 2 weeks of hard work to write that content. Writing quality conte
Hello WA friends,it's been a while since I have posted a blog but I have been busy concentrating on getting traffic to my website. I had been worrying because I hardly had any organic traffic except for WA comments. I kind of knew it was normal since I don't have that many posts yet but still, it was disturbing reading about others' successfully getting traffic & being very young websites too!! My posts were ranking number 1 on Google etc... but just 0 to maybe 5 visitors daily... I decided
Hello my dear friends, I am so excited to be a certified commenter!! I love "site comments" and I recommend it to anyone because you get so much back compared to what you give!! It is very rewarding to both those that give comments and those that receive them.By commenting regularly (at least once a day), I not only ended up achieving my goal to becoming certified but I have learned so much. Let me explain.Reading others' posts about different subjects really educated me on stuff I didn't know.
November 09, 2019
Hello WA friends! It's been one year here at WA and I am so happy about it!So many things have happened. So many things I have learned.I started strong and then in January 2019 I stagnated for a few months not being active at all. Then I decided to come back strong again setting goals like finish my training and posting on my website every week. It paid off. The results?4 of my latest posts ranked 1 on google!! They were indexed less than 24 hours after. I followed the SEO training thouroughly.
Hello WA friends!To my surprise, I received an email saying my post that I posted last night was indexed! Curious of its ranking, I used jaaxy rank and it says it's on page 1, position 1!I am very excited, but still don't believe it's real for some reason? It happened so quickly. What I have done??Is it the '2019' mentioned in the title? The embedded video?I checked all my posts and this is what i found out:3 posts on page 1, position 1 on Google2 posts on page 1, position 1 on Bing and Yahoo1
October 17, 2019
I am so happy today! I have completed level 5 training!! This is so satisfactory and I have learnt so many things. I really recommend all the newbies to go through all the training.Also I want to thank WA friends and ambassadors for all the support and advice I am getting in this adventure.I use "live chat" each time I hit a wall or have a question and it is the fatest way to get answers!Again thank you!My next step is to write as much quality content as possible !All the best wishes!Anne-Carol
Hello WA friends!I wanted to add one of my youtube video on an existing blog so I read blogs on the subject on WA but I couldn't do it as it was explained on the new wordpress editor. After more than an hour trying to figure it out, I finally was successful!First of all, when inserting the embedded link of the video in my post, I couldn't find the 'video/text' editor option? I finally found the editing options clicking on the 3 dots on the very top bar at the very right: "show more tools and op
Hello WA friends!I've been waiting for 2 affiliate programs to approve my joining but today I found out I was declined. Is that going to discourage me??? NO Way! I tell myself that if they don't want my business then they don't know what they are loosing. hahaI keep on going no matter what. Thank you for your support and advice.