Are we wasting our time? - of course not!

Last Update: March 24, 2018

Are we wasting our time?

lulu and Liz walked in the park just chatting about random things till Lulu asked. "I wonder if we are wasting your time on hour new business?" Liz couldn't understand why her friend would even think such a thing in the first place.

"Are you kidding me right now? have you stopped and think for a second how much it will cost to go through training as in-depth as we are going through then how much a platform in itself cost?" Liz couldn't believe what she's hearing, there was silence for a bit before Lulu answered.

"Yeah, I know its just that we work so hard and it takes so long to see results" Liz could see that her friend really needed her. They moved to a bench before any of them spoke. "Lulu looked at me, you will not have to wait for long I promise just know that any business takes some time to get on its feet, no business is thriving within a month or two it takes time, hard work, but before you know it you will have so many people running to your brand"

Liz knows and believes that nothing in life is ever easy yes if you were to pay for a course like they are doing that is so deep and all thought out it would cost them a lot and they don't even get paid at other companies doing this, where at the company that they are at now they don't pay much. Seriously what is 49$ when you really sit and think about it. in a few months, you will make triple that noway 100 times that much.

"Yeah I can see where you are going with this, I never thought of how much it would cost to just have the platform up and running and how much that would be, I never thought of how hard the people work behind the scenes, they work even harder to help us keep things in order." Lulu got up and took her friend's hand. "How about we go get that ice cream now.

Illustration end

yes just like Lulu and Liz we don't always think past our websites, we hardly ever sit and think that others in 'support' might even have websites of their own, they work just as hard as we do if not harder. What would happen if they weren't here for us?

What should happen if we don't pay our platform? None of us will ever grow business wise! So give yourself some time. You will get there. Just like Rome, a business can't be built overnight. It takes time effort and getting trust from the world.

Once you did that boy will you kick yourself for thinking that you have wasted your time

I hope you all the best


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Debs66 Premium
Wow another fabulous post and so very true.
Written like a true pro for sure.

Yes I am even more happy that we have connected girl you are going to be fabulous here in Wealthy Affiliate that's for sure.

Regards Debs ;-)
ToLiNoLi Premium
Hi Angelique,

A house is not build in one day, laying brick for brick takes time, doing our job well normally guarantees it will not got teared down by a storm ones the house is completed.

So is it with our website and business we build with that. It all takes time and hard work. The end result will be something we all can be proud off.

A well written post, keep up the good job! :))

Oh and a chocolate ice cream on me.

Stefan :))
Acoetzee29 Premium
Lol chocolate ice cream on you!!! Yay!!!
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Angelique
That was a fun read - thank you! Great advise for those days when impatience get holds of me and everythings feels like it is going toooo slow. ;-) LOL!
May you enjoy a lovely day!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
ToLiNoLi Premium
Eat more ice cream :P
marmar463 Premium
Great post I really enjoyed reading that. Sometimes you wonder if it is worth all that hard work. By nature, we are all inpatient and society wants things now instance. Things just don't happen that way. It is almost like the military hurry up and wait. We as a society don't like to wait for anything.

Acoetzee29 Premium
Yes, I agree life today is a huge rush. But sometimes we just have to take a step back and think.
I'm happy you enjoyed it.
BrianCh Premium
Like the dialogue. You mention site support that really is incredible. I have needed them a couple of times and they have come to the rescue within minutes. Without them I would still be fumbling around.

All the best,

Acoetzee29 Premium
Indeed I feel the exact same way honestly