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Last Update: April 05, 2019

so...Where did it go?

As most of you may or may not know Google + is no more. What now? And where did my content go?

There was an announcement in December of 2018 saying that the Google + platform for content would be no more. It also said you should back up or download your content to save as it will be deleted by Google.

  • On April 2, 2019 we are shutting down the consumer (personal) version of Google+, a social network by Google.

Don't worry! Your other Google services like (gmail, Google photos, Google drive and YouTube) remain the same and are still active.

They were not shut down as part of the Google+ consumer shutdown and you can continue using them.

Some YouTube functionality that was built with Google+ may be impacted including channel art and channel icon editing on mobile, private video sharing to Google+ circles, links to Google+ profiles on YouTube channel pages, Google+ custom URLs for channel pages, and commenting with outdated versions of the YouTube mobile app.

*Note: Videos and photos are already backed up and are will not be deleted. Also if you use G suite you can continue using it as this too will remain active.

So why did it shut down?

Why shut down Google+ for consumers?

Given the challenges in creating and maintaining a successful Google+ that meets our consumer users’ expectations, we decided to sunset the consumer version of Google+. We’re committed to focusing on our enterprise efforts, and will be launching new features purpose-built for businesses. Read the announcement

(The above is an insert taken from Google + FAQ)

What now? Well, in my humble opinion it seemed to be a failing attempt to create a social network which Google noticed and took action upon.

what about my Google + followers?

Unfortunately a little too late.

Between now and the shutdown, we recommend you let your followers know where they can see your content outside of Google+. Consider creating a post that lists your website, blog, social media channels, and other ways to stay in touch.

(Above mentioned was taken directly from G+FAQ)

I thought it should be brought to light of the WA community especially since the recommendation to create and post to G+ is in the training.

I hope this answers anyone's questions as to where there G+ content and account along with followers went.

I only hope you knew about this before it was too late and you saved your work or posts and linked your followers to another form of social media.

Thanks for reading

All the best!

Aaron G.

Griffin Lifestyle

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RAFStuart Premium
Many thanks for this.
Eliz65 Premium
Thanks for sharing. I’m looking into trying YouTube as an alternative.
AaronGriffin Premium
Good idea. Checkout my channel. My link is in my BIO. Under follow me. ;) maybe you can get some ideas. Subscribe to my channel. I upload almost everyday.
Eliz65 Premium
Thank you, I will. Jay’s doing a YouTube training tonight that looks good as well.
AaronGriffin Premium
Awesome. I'll have to catch the replay on that. I'm 12 hours ahead of his scheduled recording time.
PaulyMac Premium
Hi Aaron,

I remembered Jay-Magistudios mentioned using "YouTube Discussion" as an alternative for existing Google+ members.

Thank you for this awesome notice!

All the Very Best!

AaronGriffin Premium
Anytime :)
AaronGriffin Premium
My pleasure Ken,

It seems it kinda came out of nowhere even though they did notify its community and users. People still found the surprise of "Where is my G+" when they logged on.

I just felt a need to share with my WA community and the newbies to beware and not attempt to create a G+ for content sharing.

It can be used for the other purposes as mentioned in my post, but not as a social media platform unfortunately.

Thanks for reading and All the best!

Aaron G.

Griffin Lifestyle

Actions Lead To Results
KenShaddock Premium
Thank you Aaron. Great sharing with your Google+ knowledge. Will benefit all.