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My progress with Wealthy Affiliate I've been keeping busy here even tho I may not be as active as I should be in the community. I know it is part of the program with SAC, but I have been more involved with my site. I do plan on trying to balance more of my time to be active here in the community. what I have been doing is as follows:Writing content (review's)Creating images through CanvaResearching more SEO and phrases Creating a relevant and attractive landing page Fixing my older postsMore r
Canva has been breached If you are a user of Canva like maybe a lot of you are then read this....Canva has sent me this email informing me that there was a security breach and many emails and personal information "may have" been stolen.Now before you get all freaked out just remember this is being handled by their internal investigations and even F.B.I are involved.I would simply recommend you change your password and update your protection software to be sure you are safe.If you haven't alread
I want to build a business...So, a friend of mine said to me that she wanted to have her own business. I said great! What are you going to do? This was met with "I don't know I just want to be rich!" I then played devil's advocate and said, you want to be rich, you want to have a business, but you haven't the slightest clue what your going to do?Then I asked her, do you have money to start a business? Is it a brick and mortar or online business? Will you have employees, do you know what your ma
HAPPY LABOR DAY!so today is Labor day in Indonesia. This means people who work for schools, banks, government agencies and offices get the day off! I myself an working as an English Teacher and I have the day off and boy do I need it. With the end of semester tests coming up and the extra work I have been putting into my website and my YouTube I'm exhausted.The same rules apply for labor day in the states. All the people who work in the same fields like mentioned above also have the day off, bu
We all suffer from shiny object syndrome, but what is it? Shiny Object Syndrome or SOS is an infliction of the mind which claims the livelihood of thousands of people in the online business community. It has been known to cripple the well-being of it's victims by constantly introducing them to new and exciting things! New ways to make money, new marketing tools to use, new programs promising of a better life! These are just some of the tactics used by the SOS to confuse and disorientate it's vi
April 23, 2019
The Short Answer...Yes! It is...Working towards your goals and achieving them is totally worth it. Will it be easy to get where you want to go? No not at all. Thing's in life are not ment to be easy. Even something as simple as walking or riding a bike were once difficult tasks we had to learn through repetition. What Makes You Push Forward?Why are we here? What are we striving for? Do we want more free time with our loved ones?Do we want more independence and be able to tell our 9 to 5 job to
April 16, 2019
I MADE IT IN THE TOP 200 !!!I have worked hard to get here and will continue to put in the effort to stay. Persistance and hard work pays off guys. I want to thank all of you at WA and to you especially Kyle and Carson for giving me the hope that anything is possible. We all can achieve our goals if we put our mind to it. We are only held back from ourselves and what we say we can't do. I probably should have been in the top 200 a long time ago, but I held myself back from my true potential. Do
Let's Do This! I know I'm a little behind on the training, but that's because I was sick as a dog for the last week. I am finally feeling better and back in action! To those of you who are in the Super Affiliate Challenge, I really hope you are coming along with the training and checking off your list of tasks. I myself am coming along just fine. I have spent the better part of the day here on WA learning and correcting my website. I will continue tomorrow too. This blog will be the last thing
I'm Eager To Begin Since being chosen for the Super Affiliate Challenge I've been waiting for instruction for my first training with Kyle.I can't wait to see what he has in-store for us. I'm sure a lot of you guys are too. What do you think he will have us do? How will he determine what our strengths and weaknesses are? I know there are quite a few people accepted into this challenge and I'm willing to bet we are all on different levels of knowledge when it comes to internet marketing and promo
April 05, 2019
so...Where did it go?As most of you may or may not know Google + is no more. What now? And where did my content go?There was an announcement in December of 2018 saying that the Google + platform for content would be no more. It also said you should back up or download your content to save as it will be deleted by Google. On April 2, 2019 we are shutting down the consumer (personal) version of Google+, a social network by Google.Don't worry! Your other Google services like (gmail, Google photos,