What Are Your Expectations From Being A Member Of Wealthy Affiliate?:

Last Update: February 18, 2018

Ask yourself the above question and really think about your answer.

For me, I have an income from an offline business so I am not desperate for the online income as I know from running a business for nearly 40 years it is going to take me time to get there.

I have researched many memberships and decided on WA to help me achieve my goal.

I have given myself 2 years in which time I want to be making at least the same as what my offline business brings in, which isn't a fortune but is a decent income compared to many others.

From my experience in building brick and mortar business's not just for myself but also as a consultant to others nothing will happen overnight. It's going to feel like a whole load of hard work for no ROI (Return On Investment).

We have to be prepared for that which is why I expect to work hard and concentrate on building within WA for as long as it takes.
I expect to start making an income in year 1, however small and build on that in the 2nd year.

So I started WA in Jan 2018 and my goal is to wind down my offline business in Jan 2020 and continue earning an online income for literally the next 20 years or more, funding a decent income for what I call "My Time To Enjoy Life"

That Goal Is Written Down And At The Forefront Of My Mind. I Will Be Flexible With Short Term Goals Along The Way But Succeeding By Jan 2020 Is Fixed And Non Negotiable.

  • What are your expectations with WA?
  • How soon do you expect to be making an income online?
  • Are you expecting overnight success?
  • Most importantly "Are You Prepared To Give Whatever It Takes To Succeed?

Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly and frankly or otherwise it is only yourself you are trying to kid and ultimately it will be only yourself you will let down.

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MKearns Premium
The best way to put our brand out there and profit from it!
a1jonuk Premium
Thank you, always appreciate your input and blog posts.

skendrick4 Premium
Since people make money online, and the online business has not been around as long as brick and mortar, there must be a shorter wait for profit. That is what I'm counting on.
a1jonuk Premium
Thanks Sheila for your input. It is true that there is less initial input in an online business and there are myriads of ways to attract and find customers so yes making an income should be faster than starting a brick and mortar business.

It took me a long time to establish a business and make money from it in the mid/late 70's but if the internet and social media with so much connectivity and reach had been around then I think I would have grown an empire over my lifetime.

My goal is to earn a serious income online and I know that will take a lot of planning and preparation which is why I have given myself 2 years to accomplish it.

Best wishes on your journey.

buffetearns Premium
Successful people set goals, plan and develop incredible plans. If we are doing positive action, there are higher chances of success.

Money within 3 months?

a1jonuk Premium
Thanks Wayne, always appreciate your input. Goals have been a part of my life since I was a child.

I have goals in every aspect of my life.
edensbox Premium
My expectations as a Member is that I will get to help people on a daily bases to get through the content on this site. To help them get started with their business. To be able to build training to help others.

Last on my list is getting my site set up and making money, which in my life I really need. But, I gain more pleasure out of helping others than I do money!
a1jonuk Premium
Thank you for your comment, much appreciated. Helping others is a great feeling. We are all learning day by day here and being able to help someone else along the way is great.

linda956 Premium
I hope to have income coming in, 4 years.
a1jonuk Premium
Thanks for your input Linda and I wish you great success here at Wealthy Affiliate.