Another year - Procrastination with a twist.

Last Update: November 25, 2018

So Wealthy Affiliate’s I hope this blog post finds you well. I'm not going to go into a long post here. It's going to be pretty brief, and to the point.

That being said, this will be my second year of just wishing upon a star so to speak. I debated upon whether or not to purchase another year with Wealthy Affiliate and here I am on the second last day of the Black Friday offer.

This will be my very last year to seriously move forward here. Throughout my time here at Wealthy Affiliate, I have made progress but obviously not enough that I would consider something to be proud of.

Wealthy Affiliate is not responsible for my lack of movement in any way shape or form. I take full responsibility for my progress thus far. No effort equals no rewards.

So, again, I have one whole year to figure this out which means becoming extremely ruthless with my vision, purpose, and my focus for the future moving forward and if it does not happen this year then I will not pursue this come 2020. Again, Wealthy Affiliate is not responsible for my success.

To the ones that already have a website up and running right straight out of the gate or that have a tangible active website that is moving forward whether indexed by Google or is in the fermentation stage - bravo, great job, nice work, and may you have continued success moving forward into 2019 because of all your hard work, commitment, and effort.

On that note, I have a lot of catching up to do.

As they say, ”It's back to the drawing board.”


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jetrbby80316 Premium
Hi Becky,

Haven't heard from you in awhile, hoping you are well and you signed up for another year.

Yes, you are either all IN or all out. If you want to succeed at the online game, you can't waffle in-between. So you are spot on when you say "....which means becoming extremely ruthless with my vision, purpose, and my focus for the future moving forward."

I have re-committed myself to WA online money-making strategies in 2019 (you can see from my posts) and it is working. It can work for you to, you just need to totally commit.

2019 is the year to take action.
Wishing you the best my friend, and hoping you take action head on with consistency in 2019:)

5-qpq Premium
Hey, hey, hey, beautiful Kaju,

Life seems to always get in the way, lol, and it’s all up to me. One good thing about Wealthy Affiliate other than the most obvious is that they are always here for you to pick up where you left off.

It's great to hear from you and thanks for taking the time to say hello...hence my late reply.

Sending you lots of love, lite, and much success your way.

ExpatMark Premium
I am "coming out of retirement" and going to give 110% to WA in 2019. That is how much I believe in what I have learned in just a few months. Take a few deep breaths, enjoy the holidays and lets rock 2019. All the tools are right here in front of us.
5-qpq Premium
Hi, MT,

Yeap, life gets in the way (6months later, lol) it's all good and it's us as a collective to make it all happen.

Best of the best to your success.

marmar463 Premium
You can't give up and quit because that is not the way to go. You have to stick with it and make it work. You need to have determination, persistence, and passion.

You have it in you to make this work you just have to do it. You have put in alot of hard work and you just can't throw that all way. You will have regrets if you do. Stick with no matter how long it takes.

5-qpq Premium
Hi, Marmar,

Hope your doing well and just wanted to say hello.

LCEndahl Premium
work at this each day, even when you don't feel like's the only way...Laura
5-qpq Premium
Hi, beautiful,

I'm trying, lol even if I'm 7 months late. I left a ”like” shortly after you messaged me but I really wanted to leave a ”comment” so I am leaving one now. Forgive me, lol.

Life and Wealthy Affiliate along with choices trains us and waits for us, doesn't it? That's what I love about Wealthy Affiliate. You can come back to it when you're ready. I'm ready to enroll for another year because I've found something in Wealthy Affiliate that I have not found anywhere else. Second chances.

I want to succeed at this...even just to say I started and finished it. Most of the time I start projects that I never finish but it's different here at Wealthy Affiliate...I just can't put a finger on it other than as above...second chances but it goes deeper than
that for me. Actually, it's called personally winning.

All the best to you and your success and mine too. Most of the time I don't want to work at it but again it’s all up to us...that’s the basis of your comment and my post.

Thanks for interacting and you are an exceptional person. I really connected with you. Thanks for that.

Kindly, and respectfully,

Marley2016 Premium
I am sorry to hear that you have not proceeded
with WA you could be writing a success story
after success story right now :(
Please if there is anything I can do to help let
me know - I have only been here 5 months
but am seeing things pick up already with promoting
my sites on social media :)
Gave you a follow so please let me know.
5-qpq Premium
Hi, Marley,

Apologies for the late reply. Feel free to read the above comments because they apply to you as well. There are only five or so but that is ok. I'm not into numbers, lol.

You're an Angel btw...inside and out.

All the best moving forward and I wish you well.


Marley2016 Premium

Aaaww thank you, if you ever need any help please let me know.