Another update.

Last Update: September 18, 2017

Hello friends,

This online business is real, I've never researched so much in all my life! Never mind how much work and time that it takes into creating content. Crazy, wow, good! And anyone that decides to try is crazy too, haha, just joking. It's a great experience and I'm having a fun time with it all. (I find that I have to get away from it for a few days, but something is always brewing, so to say.

I always return feeling refreshed and ready to go another round, to say the least. Well, actually, now that I think about it, it feels (like, like,) haha, that's for you and you know who you are, (like, like,) lol, as if I'm back in school or college, (like, like,) you know what I mean..., lol? (Like, like...) there is a lot of work that goes into writing.

And yes, sometimes I still get distracted, but not as often, but it's my time and my dime, so to speak. Plus, again there is so much to learn, type, research, type, not to mention the training, more typing, more researching, more lessons, and way too much fun!

I think I've found what I enjoy, and that is writing. (So, thank you for everyone that encouraged me along my way. When I started with Wealthy Affiliate I had no writing ability or confidence in myself.)

Needless to say, it has not all been Unicorns and rainbows because let's face it we all have our days. I read online that writer's block is not about being lazy or procrastinating, BUT a sign of intelligence. So for everyone that experiences writer's block, hats off to us all. We can now celebrate for having an occasional writer's block day because WE ARE EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT.

So, first and foremost my shoulders are much better. Thanks to Linda from "Always A Better Way." Linda suggested using a pencil with an eraser on it and pressing on the sore spots, Shazam it worked. (Another helpful tip, guys.) Plus, I'm not holding the IPad in one hand, I'm following my own medicine by using the stand when required, along with the the IPad case when required, and sitting at the table. I still take breaks, but wow, what a relief, so, a very big shout out to Linda for helping me.

I also discovered that my BED was part of the problem. So, forget about suing Apple, which I would NEVER do because I really like their products and customer care. I'd rather sue the store where I purchased the bed from instead. How about a refund for what I paid out such as: the bed, the money spent on the treatments to try correct the problem through Acupuncture which was close to a $1000 and I don't do drugs, so that does not apply. I may have received some Advil along the way, but nothing outrageously priced, not too much to ask ~ just a simple case.

Return me my money please and thank you.

BUT Karma is something I strongly believe in, so I'll say no more and leave it at that, lol, and yes, I'M sure if I did that someone would come along and sue me for something like Copywriters rights, being accused of stealing images unknowingly without permission, plagiarism etc. Some people here at Wealthy Affiliate know exactly what I'm talking about. So there will be no suing anyone or a company on my end. Be like mark and ask for permission, but no suing, regardless.

We are humans all trying to get along in this world, why complicate things. And no, I'm not fearful; it just makes sense, lol. Just makes sense. Who has time for court issues, unless, well, let's just say, one must pick their battles.

Moving forward, I now sleep on the floor with a yoga mat, a body pillow, a neck pillow (the body pillow and neck pillow are from Sleep Country) also applying pressure to the areas that need it and not having to wait to visit the acupuncturist, I'm in a good place.

Sleeping on the floor took me sometime to adjust, but believe it or not, I get a really good nights sleep from it.

I can now reach my arm further behind my back and my hand to my underarm. Before, this, it would not go past my side, or above the waist. Thanks again, Linda. (It's still, a bit stiff, but much, much better.) All the tension was coming from my neck, a poor bed, and poor keyboard posture. I'd say that I'm feeling 85% better. I'm hoping that eventually I'll get all the mobility that I once had in that one arm. Fingers and toes crossed.

Let me tell you, I was concerned, if not afraid about having permanent damage and how it would effect my online typing, cause there's ALOT of typing in this network marketing business. Can I get a witness, lol?

It's all clear sailing from here! Linda assured me that it was ok and gave me really good sound advice. Her advice worked better than the professionals.

Gooooo figure...

Last, but not least, a big shout out to Swan Girl, aka Jessica. The product that Jessica is promoting is absolutely FANTASTIC which is called, "PetAlive, Immunity and Liver Support." specifically created for Dogs and Cats with Upper Respiratory problems, (let me tell you something, it works tremendously on small animals.)

I specifically bought the product for my hamster as a test run and to support the community. That being said, I've owned a few hamsters over the course of seven to eight years as well as pet rats, and they always, faithfully displayed signs of the upper respiratory dis-ease.

But, not this one, maybe a bit of sneezing here and there but by far a big win. A successful trial run with respect to the product.

I'm extremely pleased with the results.

I researched the ingredients to make sure that it was safe for the hamster, and, yes, everything in it is natural such as: Dandelions, Echinacea , Ashwagandh which is great for cancer, and Milk Thistle. It has everything that hamsters normally find if they were in the wild. (If you decide to buy the product, do your research to make sure the ingredients will not harm the animal. I can't see that happening being it's all very natural, but do the research anyways.)

This dis-ease is passed from the mom and than down to the babies. Not alot can really be done about it until now.

NOW there is a safer, healthier treatment for this respiratory dis-ease. Again, it's all good, and by the way, it's really the best natural miracle and solution for us that deal with pets that carry this upper respiratory gene...

Thanks so much Jessica.

Veterinarian's are so, so, expensive and sometimes their products don't help much because they usually deal with larger animals, dogs, cats, etc. Some vets have very little knowledge when it comes to small animals, unless they deal with small animals, and even then it is sometimes difficult to locate a small animal hospital. From my experience it's not always easy to locate a small animal hospital, unless you live in a large city, and your lucky.

Some clients don't want to walk in with a hamster or another type of small animal due to the cost. So, the owners do the best they can by using over-the-counter drugs and substitute researches.

Veterinarians prices are pretty much the same across the board whether it's a dog, cat, hamster, rat, bird etc.

Size does not matter and prices do...

Again, it's not easy to find a vet to diagnose a small animal unless you find a vet that deals with small animals AND the medicines can be hard on an animals system.

AND their products taste horrible. Sometimes you have to mix it with something else to mask the taste.

Not fun at all and a real inconvenience.

However, with PetAlive. Immunity and Liver Support, being it's just excellent. There's no fuss and no muss. Just open the capsule, sprinkle on a small amount, (being it's a smaller animal,) and mix it with with their food.


In my case, I froze some pieces of fruit, cut them into manageable bite size pieces and called it a day. And I have a years supply if not more because of the size of the animal, and the size of the bottle. It's so well worth the money and it's a big win, win...

I would have to say this is a miracle and a God send for all small animals alike.

Guess what? I found the hamster lying on her back a couple Saturdays ago, actually August 19th, 2017 in the top part of her cage.

She looked as calm as a calm dead animal could look like. At first I thought that she was sleeping, but upon further inspection, it appears like she died in her sleep.

There were no signs of stress due to the dis-ease and that's a good thing! If she had have suffered, and I knew of it, that would have upset me.

Our animals whether big or small all become like family members. When they are sick, we try to make them better, or at least try to ease their discomfort. Quite often animals are closer than our families because they really love unconditionally.

A shout out to Dog man on this one!

The product did not extend her life, but instead, made her very comfortable while she was alive, and I'm extremely grateful that I found the product through Jessica, via the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity.

Again, if it had not have been for the product she would have suffered. I know because I've always had small animals and all of them have suffered with this obnoxious respiratory dis-ease.

So, if your reading this, Jessica, I thank you for your product and I stand behind it 100%.

That's a wrap guys and miss you all very much.

Much, much, success to you and your online businesses.


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markr0675 Premium
Becky!!! Hello there!
First it is always great to see you here. I enjoy your writing. You have a great gift and I'm glad that you are finally realizing that. I saw it from the beginning, Lol! Ya, not that I'm any kind of judge but you do have a gift. :0)
Really great to hear about your shoulder issue is getting much better. Yeah!!!
Oh, and vet bills??? Ya I know how expensive that can be having two Dachshunds at home.

Always great to hear from you!

Talk soon!
5-qpq Premium
mark!!! Love you, lol. You are such a ray of sunshine my wonderful friend. Your friends are lucky to have you as a friend, that includes me too, lol.

And thank you, I'm happy my arm is healing, too, thanks to Linda. I just put a pencil up close to my neck area, one evening, pressed the pencil against the sore area, and boom, instant relief, I felt it, pop, like a spring, more like loosen, and I have never looked back.

Now, Jessica's product is just as fantastic. FINALLY a product for animals with respiratory problems, I've been waiting along time for this. I've tried umpteen thousands of products: Vicks vapo rub on the nose, in their cages, tetracycline, amaxoacillan, from the Doctors office, yes, I had a cold, and gave the medicine to my small animals, a real pain it was, let me tell you, but now it's all good...and I've waited a very, very, long time for this because these little guys don't really get that much attention when it comes to these types of issues.

By the sounds of it you already know about how expensive vets can be.

Anyways, lets talk about you, lol...

HELLO, who's talking about being a writer? I looked at your website and it is ripped, my friend, just freakin ripped, heck we may even see you on TV one day.

Mark the ghost chaser, the great story teller, best author...

Hey, I'll be the first one to sign your book, or proudly say, hey, I know that guy.

I'm serious.

I've watched a lot of shows on YouTube and TV with this type of paranormal activity.

Great niche idea and it shows in your website.

A huge congratulations to you. Just magnificent and I cannot say enough about it...

Alot of work went into building that puppy, or should I say baby.

I read the story about the "thing,"in the closet at one of the army bases that you and your son were investigating; let me tell you something, I would have been out of there in noooooo time; equipment, sandwiches, and anything else that was mine would have been left behind, for sure.

With no chance of a return, but for you as a ghost hunter what an exciting night it must have been.

A man of steel, lol, your a man of steel.

Take care of those pups, well, not pups, but two wonderful dogs that you have at home.

Someone, "ahem," likes dogs, and no doubt, they love you back, that's just how they are.

Mark, one day... hopefully soon... you'll be travelling the world, or working from home and not having to worry about the next trip to the vet, cause you'll be doing what you love to do most.... selling ghost hunting equipment, writing books, freeing ghost perhaps, all while being totally and financially independently worry free.

Sounds pretty good too me if I must say. It can happen, it's not unattainable.

You can do and be anything that you want to be, and writing can make you a load of money, my friend.

Great job on your website, great job.

Loved your references as well.

Bravo, mark, bravo.

Bye for now,

Becky!!! :)
markr0675 Premium
OMG, I had to step away. You hit my emotion button here. You give me so much... kudos for my work. Girl, you have to know you have a gift. Spread it!!!! Use it!!! It can take you so much further than you know.
My writing is not even close to the depth of yours. I'm really not very articulate. You on the other hand have "spice". SO, so good.

Thank you for the compliment on my site. It is still far from my expectations but getting there. I need to add a LOT more content.

Thank you so much. I am honored to have you as a friend here. YOU ARE AWESOME !!!!

Thank you Becky!!! :0)
5-qpq Premium
Mark, likewise, my friend, likewise.

Can't wait to see where you go from here, with your business, whether it be YouTube, Television, or writing of a book, biography, teaching etc.

Hey, do you know Mark? he's my friend, lol. I meant him through a company called Wealthy Affiliate, sure I'll hook you up with him, he will give you all the advice that you need to move forward with researching the paranormal... absolutely.

I would not say things like this, unless I see it. (Kyle says, find your passion, find your niche and the rest is history.)

And are an exceptional writer.

I've read your work.

You capture everything that says there is something beyond us in this world, aka the spirit world.

Freakin awesome...

When I read the story about the army base, are you kidding me, lol, I had goose bumps. Even as I refer back to it now, it still freaks me out.

You'd be a great story teller, ghosts, goblins, etc.

The next Stephen King. Just put all your stories together and create a few stories. "Who's in that closet?", "Did You Hear That?" written by the well known author mark... I'm just saying, lol.

You have an amazing niche. It's like a recipe where you can switch out the flavours. A little more salt, more pepper, less chili powder, etc. So much can be done with it. And you are the type of person to do just that.

Unstoppable, you are! I'm serious, how long did it take you to put your website together? and a darn good one at that, see, you can do anything you want because again, your unstoppable, especially when you have an idea.

Write an ebook for petes sake, lol, sell it for $29.00. One of my friends has a book in his home library about publishing ebooks.

The writer said for $29.00 it has to have this, that, and the other as well as a certain number of pages. I think something like 80 pages, but not really sure. Certainly, no more than a 100.

There are great books from WRITERS, "ahem, lol," that can teach you how to put one together.

People would buy it because people love this adrenaline, heart pounding material that you call your niche.

The world is your oyster, mark, your oyster.

As far as you not being articulate, "are you kidding me, lol."

By the way, have any idea what you would name one your books if you decided to go that route?

Happy writing, my friend, happy writing.

P.S. With a piece of paper, even a crayon, lol, or a computer, you can make ALOT of money, just by writing.

Talk to you soon...

Becky :)
markr0675 Premium
Awesome ideas you are giving me here. Yes, I have been thinking about an ebook(s). Love your titles you gave here for some posts too. Can I use them? "Who's in the closet" and "Did you hear that?" Really good stuff.
Who should be a writer???? Hmm I wonder. Could it be, BECKY?
I'm considering so many directions for my site. Still a ton to do as you know. the fun never ends!
You have such good ideas, I'm sure you are doing awesome with your site as well, right? I would love to see it.

Than you again for your wonderful boost to my ego here. You've given me new energy for today! Great ideas!!!

As I said before, You Are Awesome Becky!!!
Noth'in but love!

5-qpq Premium
I'm flattered mark, of course you can use them. Your amazing my friend, just amazing.

Write the ebook, a novel, etc, mark. I know it will be great. Like come on, someone that chases ghosts, lol, now that is one creative mind, I must say.

Mark, I'm going to be taking an online webcopy writer's course.

The company that provides it is called American Writers Association.

I can write yes, but my work is so scattered, it's everywhere, pages are all over the place, so I think I just need some direction.

And if I'm going to do a website it's going to be a amazing one, plus, I think I'll like the experience.

I'll more than likely be giving my notice to Wealthy Affiliate tomorrow, because I cannot afford both.

I will be back and will post a good bye post tomorrow.

Keep in touch my friend, or I'll haunt you, lol.

markr0675 Premium
Oh no! You are one of my favorite people here Becky. I'm your biggest fan!!! I do understand though. And it sounds like you are making a great move to better yourself! I'm so happy to hear that. I'm absolutely sure when you do a website it will be AWESOME!! You really are a great writer so honing your skills will be a good thing.
Stay in touch would you. Here is my email...
It would be sad to not hear from you again.

I'll look for your post tomorrow.

Love you girl!!!
5-qpq Premium
Mark, it's a long story, lol, I'm not leaving.

See the conversation between Mike Kearns and myself, that will explain it.

Kindest regards,

Swangirl Premium
Thanks Becky for the glowing recommendation! I am so glad it worked! We will have to set up a guest post for you on my site if you would be willing to share your recommendation for small animals! That would be great and you can have your site link in there too!

I am glad you are feeling better and your range of motion is coming back. I was just wondering how you were doing and how the Immunity and Liver Support worked so thanks for the update!
5-qpq Premium
Hey Jessica, glad to be of help any time of the day. Yes, the product works great. The hamster as I said, looked like she passed in her sleep. I'll attach a photo of her so that you can see how comfortable she looked when I found her. And to solidify the integrity of the product. Increase the image, Jessica, and you'll see what I mean.

I tell you, most of my animals suffer really bad from the gene... never have I witnessed such a peaceful death. That may be a little extreme, but that is how it is. A lot of the animals look really ill before they pass. Not this one...

I care for my animals, especially hamsters and rats to be exact.

I told my pet store about it and they asked me for some business cards. If I have some extra money, I'll print some up for you along with your website.

Have you ever thought about contacting the company directly to arrange some kind of deal independent from Amazon?

We'll talk soon and I will help you out anyway I can.

Kindest regards, Jessica,

Swangirl Premium
Wow, maybe I could get the business cards made up and send some to you!

Thanks Becky!
5-qpq Premium
Absolutely, Jessica.

See also what you can do with the Canadian Amazon as well.

I also have a contact in the states with respect to rats. Yes, rats make great pets. I've had 12 or more of them, not all in one go, but I know that this lady called the "Rat Lady," probably would be interested in the product.

When I had rats, I would call her to ask questions pertaining to the issues that plague so many small animals as such.

Now, it will be a different phone call.

Heck, I could even join the rat forum, and promote this great product for you.

Great product Jessica, and such a great niche, and once again, a big thank you.

Kindest regards,

Swangirl Premium
I had a friend who had a pet rat when I was a kid. I think they are cool pets!

I have been meaning to get business cards anyway so this will be great motivation! I will seriously figure this out, get some made and send them to you!

Thanks!!! This is exciting!
5-qpq Premium
I'm looking forward to it!

Kindest regards,

VeronicasLuv Premium
Hey there, Becky! I guess it's safe to say you're excited, lol. Somehow I missed your previous posts about your injuries, but I'm glad to hear your body is recovering.

It's interesting that you talked about sleeping on the floor; although I don't, as a child, I used to watch TV in my parent's room laying - not sitting - on the floor. To this day, I can be just as comfortable sitting on the floor as I can in a chair.

Good to hear from you, Becky!
5-qpq Premium

It's great to see you again. I'm about to go to sleep on that yoga mat on the floor, lol. Believe it or not, I'm quite use to it.

I tried sleeping on the floor with only blankets the first attempt, something like a year or so ago; it did not go over too well, let me tell you.

Apparently, sleeping on the floor with a comfortable mat is great for your spine, and I would agree.

Anyhow, I had acquired an issue called a frozen shoulder, and you'll have to read the previous post, to know more about it, or just trust me when I say, I'm much better.

Frozen shoulders can be very scary and painful if not corrected.

I still have issues with it, but it's much, much better, that's all I care about. And thank you for the well wishes.

My dear Veronica, I so hope your doing well, and it's REALLY great to hear from you. I hope your sleep is fantastic and the new you challenge is still being challenged, lol.

Gotta run...

Later gator.

Becky :)
asmithxu Premium
Awesome update. I certainly do like to think that I am a little more intelligent because of the writer's block ;) Also, if you are worried about the pain preventing you from writing, remember that there are computer programs that can transcribe from your voice (or you could dictate and pay someone to write it for you).
5-qpq Premium
So right, asmithxu, writer's block now has a proper label, "a sign of intelligence." You like that one? Me too, lol.

Thanks for the update about the voice activated dictation.

When my arm was really, really, sore, I looked into it, and I was surprised to even hear of such a program.

There are some really good ones out there, just have to shop around for them, like everything else.

asmithxu, that would make a great niche idea, actually.

Happy you liked the update, especially about the writer's block.

Take care and best wishes with growing your online business.

Kindest regards,

Becky :)
MKearns Premium
Holistic health is a great niche Becky. Good to see you active today!
5-qpq Premium
Who would have ever thought the health niche could be so rewarding and profitable.

I had to try the product to see how well it worked. And the product did not fail.

I'm attaching a photo of my hamster or better still just take a look at the attached photo to Jessica's comment and you'll see just how great of a niche the product really is.

The hamster looks pretty relaxed to me, lol. I was not able to share until now because there was no other way of knowing. I sensed that the product was working, but this really is a great example of "the proof is in the pudding," so to speak.

Again, for sure holistic health is definitely a great niche to be in if you find the right niche. And clearly Jessica has found that.

Take care my friend, take care.

Always, a pleasure, Mike, always, a pleasure.