Writing Tips and Tricks - going fishing

Last Update: August 22, 2015


OK folks looks like we need to get our feet wet and go fishing

Understand your audience - Use attractive bait. I hear a lot of people feeling hog tied or struggling with writers block or simply claim they can not write because they are horrible writers. I have put together a few of my thoughts here are a few tips and tricks I have learned. Please LIKE and COMMENT below if something here helps you write your next post. How can you expect to catch fish if you are using the wrong carrot?

Understand your target audience - use attractive bait

Do not be afraid to just WRITE

I use to be a shocking writer. I am not kidding, the worlds worst procrastinator and yes this is me off for another walk. I would waffle, yes run way off task and feel like giving up until I figured out it is just like going fishing. It helps to know your target audience, offer the right bait to get their attention thren reel them in - the objective is to land them!

Most importantly, do not be afraid to simply write!

I discovered one day that it is actually OK to waffle or ramble on then cut when you edit, or if you write really too brief, do not fret, you may need to pad your work out when you edit. My point here is to get your feet in the water and just write!

Personally I don't worry about paper except for bullet or subject points the mission (if you choose to accept it) is to get to the end then edit!


So what do I mean by editing?

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. Firstly, appearance It helps to make the writing look pretty a lot of readers are lazy so chunks of words are easier on the eye.
  2. Secondly, make each point flow to the other then your work makes sense.
  3. Finally, the purpose, reason and call to action, so you wind things up at the end with a tidy conclusion. From this conclusion you will create the summary telling people what they can expect and what to do and rework this into the first paragraph again so that it makes sense. In doing so you grab the readers attention and a reason to pay attention. This is the bait that generally hooks the reader into read more.

Remember just like going fishing you need;

  1. hook (the summary first paragraph slide in a clever call to action see above)
  2. line (the reasoning) and (tell the reader what to expect, what will come next)
  3. sinker (the call to action - buy now - land your fish write your next post)

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I will try to be brief constructively concise
Use your skills you know what they are and how to use them (Avoid over thinking it you may miss the obvious). Are you more skilled in say maths, instructing others, working with young people or with people who think and / or behave differently. Skills in these areas are Logic, motivation & ability to engage others.

My first observation with writing flaws is not knowing what I am about to read. I need to be told what to expect, what will come next. Your job as a writer is to understand the point you are trying to make and say it. I like many readers have poor attention span, basically lazy...

If I don't get it - I move on!

If it is a review please tell me. If it is a story your personal experience tell me. My point here is that readers are inherently lazy they may not read to the end. So it helps to keep in mind the target audience. Your objective is the call to action so if you want to land that fish you may need to also slide a call to action within the body of your content. When you re-read and consider the reader excite them and you will be back on track. Take up your next challenge and write your next Post - practice my friend makes perfect.

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BenORourke Premium
Thank you Tracy, great way of looking at it and some very good pointers.
4GoodBuy Premium
Thanks Ben - I think there are so many ways to look at the boring basic things sometimes taking the lighter road may bring brighter results... cheers following with interest - Tracey
PSenwelo Premium
Thanks Tracy, will sure write with that in mind.
4GoodBuy Premium
You are most welcome - the best thing is to just do it - write... and have fun. thanks for taking the time to read and comment cheers Tracey
VickyBangle Premium
This is valuable information. However, your script seems a little off. I will definitely heed your advice.
4GoodBuy Premium
Hiya Vicky, Thanks for taking the time to read and comment - I am interested to learn why you feel the script 'seems a little off'? I would appreciate it if you could elaborate on this point.

Constructive criticism is valuable information and a fantastic learning tool - if you felt the script was a little off - chances are some other readers did as well - We are all learning so I sincerely welcome your and others contribution(s)

btw... (people who leave more descriptive and helpful criticism also get higher ranking points here at WA). following with interest cheers Tracey
VickyBangle Premium
When I read your article before some of the letters looked strange almost like a subscript. It wasn't every word just one in a sentence. It looks fine now.
4GoodBuy Premium
Thank you for noticing Vicky - quite right - the power of editing...
Stephanie33 Premium
There's something going on with your script. Your apostrophe comes out as "a with ^ over it then what looks like the symbol for Euro and an opening quotation sign next". I had a similar thing show up on one of my comments on my website. This is in place of every apostrophe that you use. Any idea why?
TheOldSilly Premium
I'm curious to know this one, myself.
KatieMac Premium
oh for some reason I have seen this on a couple of other posts by different members must be a glitch somewhere
SamiWilliams Premium
Thanks for sharing the great pointers on writing.
You are on point with the statement- Just Do It!
4GoodBuy Premium
Thanks for taking the time to read my post Sami, I hope you got a few tips, and feel motivated to - Just do it as well, cheers Tracey