Warning - HQ Solo Ad Managers - targeting you as well?

Last Update: April 04, 2017

I have been approached via FB messenger (Yesterday Tues 4 April), by a few people (three women) claiming to be Managers of HQ Solo Ad, love to hear any and all feedback. I suspect they may be targeting newbie in Internet Marketers, especially WA members who are promoting WA.

Are they Legitimate. Recommended. Questionable, or promoting just another Scam etc

I will present here actual Facebook profiles is up to each person to conduct their own investigation / research necessary to satisfy your own judgement.

Mary Peets:


Nadia Abramov: https://www.facebook.com/nadzabramov

Danilla Bennett: https://www.facebook.com/daniella.bennett.39

Today - I did notice that on the Facebook timeline that yesterday morning one of our WA members posted a WA invitation to Daniella Bennett's timeline - strange coincidence? or could this confirm my suspicions of WA members being targeted could be true. Or maybe these people are also WA members if that is the case then is this activity acceptable or not???

I've NOT had the time to actually review the HQ Solo Ad business, although the Facebook profiles appeared real... When I asked one of the women how they made money from being an HQ Solo Ad Manager (& if I could as well if I wanted to?) I was told they receive a monthly salary... They all look very young, and claim to be self-employed. Anyway I would love to know if anyone has or can find genuine reviews for them... they were repeatedly asking if I have 'capture pages' on my websites, again are they searching to 'collect my data' to build lists to sell?.

They claim to be "helping people scale up their businesses taking to the next level thru getting them targeted traffic, that Wealthy affiliate is a great company... blah blah blah - yet when I asked how could help me - specifically... and what it would cost... their response sounded suspicious".

When I asked how they could help me find specific people for one of my websites they responded they could only help for websites that offer an "opportunity" like promoting "Wealthy Affiliate"

One of my websites is an enterprise that is offering an opportunity for people to find genuine seasonal work so people can make some money and fund their continued world travels... so it does market to a 'target audience'. We do get good signups from our own marketing but could help more people.

Their response tells me that the 'leads' may not be actual qualified leads at all, just a "random list to push on to someone for profit'

Following with interest cheers for now Tracey

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boomergp08 Premium
Looking into this I believe Mary Peets is or was a WA Member because on Facebook Kyle has friended her.

As for the other two girls, only Danilla Bennett I recognize. She sent me a Facebook friend request a couple of months ago, which I did not accept.

I normally do not accept friend requests of people I do not know and who do not have others as friends that I know and trust.
Dmorrow Premium
Sounds very sketchy to me as well. I will be following along with you on this. Let us hear anything else you discover on them. Thanks.

lynnsam61 Premium
This sounds sketchy to me. I haven't been contacted by them personally but I have been approached by others offering to grow my business for a fee after a free trial.
4GoodBuy Premium
Thanks for taking time to read and respond... is a concern, hopefully we can all wise up and see through to see helpful productive options... following with interest
Labman Premium Plus
They are pushing solo ads so their focus is getting you into their network. Solo ads are dubious in nature.

I think you have the right of it. They sound questionable. So, pass on their "opportunity".