My first Affiliate payment from my Travel website

Last Update: July 24, 2017

Pay Day - Affiliate Marketing works

Wahoo... and my husband said ... "so you think you are going to make money with that thing? - Yeah right... I will believe it when I see it..."

Well here it is babe ... showing up in our bank today!

24 Jul 2017Direct CreditCruise Republic

Affiliatecom As Per Email Cruise Repub

On Mon, 24 Jul at 5:41pm


While it may not make us rich overnight it is "Residual Income"... from online business activity that I built and marketed, in my free time, for fun - in addition to other income producing activities!

This was just a quick share to show, that while you are busy working on building websites, living life etc Affiliate marketing works. So remember to take positive action everyday. following with interest

PS - Someone asked 'how long it took' - please do not measure your success against mine... it is better to use my posts as inspiration and motivation, believe in yourself, you can and will achieve if you are open to learn here with WA and the community, then find your way to help others achieve... take positive action every day and you to will achieve great things. This is another post where I adopted principles from WA to use to build another website, market and help other people to make money... I earned $1000 per day...

Kind regards, Tracey

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MisterWailor Premium
Great job, keep it coming.
lynnsam61 Premium
Well done!
PMbaluka Premium
I share in your excitement girl!
Aguszeng Premium
Amaziiing. I believe it really pump you up. Congrats
dalwhu Premium
Excellent news! I'm delighted for you!