My First Blog...No Turning Back.

Last Update: December 01, 2013

Since this is my first blog turning back will not be an option. This is truly walking on water and every click on this keyboard means I am gaining momentum. My feet are wet and the water feels good, I have officially been baptized into the blogging world.

Pop the cork! I'm doing my victory dance now and glad that you can't see it.

I have been going through the training lessons and will be appling all the action steps as I feel confident to do so. Reading blogs and profiles from people all over the site is continuing to foster confidence that there still maybe room for me in this market.

The eager to help people here at WA I believe will be one of the most valuable resources at my service. I have been rescued from those nightmare experiences of trying to get my questions answered through a dedicated support line staffed with people who know less than I do.

Yippee, I feel another dance bubbling up inside, it may lead to a spontaneous outbreak of giddiness.

Well that light headed feeling of euphoria is being bolstered by the constant discovery of the wonderful treasures I am uncovering every time I navigate around this site. I am building a great attitude for success and that attitude will determine what my altitude will be as I continue moving forward.

Thanks again you people of WA, as I come to the end of this experience of my first blog, I hope that the readers will offer constructive help on what I may do to improve my blogging skills.

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betcha Premium
Congratulations for your first, Edward! There will be a lot more "first's" to come...your first website, your first article, your first sale, and may more! Brace yourself, this is going to be exciting! Keep writing!
BIS Premium
Hello Edward. Congratulations - you write really well - it's obvious you don't have any worries on that front. Now just get writing!
jeffreyhuan Premium
It is a great start. Keep up the good work. Nothing can stop you now.
boomergp08 Premium
One thing is for certain, you should have NO PROBLEM writing content for your website. Your writing style is good!
4edward Premium
oops I found a spelling error after I published a blog in WA, is there a way to fix it now?
boomergp08 Premium
You mean the word appling instead of applying? :)

Yes you can fix it Click the Blue Cog Wheel in the upper left next to your affiliate link button under your profile picture.