Quitting Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: September 10, 2015

Do not panic!

I'm not quitting don't worry :) I was just asking myself how many people have thought about quitting and how long they've been part of this group?

I don't see myself quitting within a whole year at least! Even if I've already faced struggles and hurdles, I always manage to get back up and continue adding content almost every day!

I was however wondering how many people join WA on a daily average, how many set up a profile, how many go premium and how many quit???

I'm sure there's a lot of quitters and I really want to hear why they quit. The only reason I could understand, is that someone simply doesn't enjoy writing regular contents about a passion of theirs.

I hope and truly wish everyone that joins succeeds sooner or later, so please don't quit on us :)



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Martstervt Premium
Writing is new to me but I have enjoyed it I don't know if I can crank it out as much as I need to.But quitting is not an option.

3ss1m4n Premium
That's the spirit Marty :)
PSenwelo Premium
My wish also, I love it here.
PIOFJR Premium
Quitters are like a blog. Here today, gone tomorrow.
3ss1m4n Premium
well said
RoopeshG Premium
Hi Esteban
Sheww I was worried when I saw your title of the blob.Look I tell you something, as we speak, I am having some trouble with my websites and other WA stuff, but I am not a person to give up.nope....I got people here to help me get to where I want to go.
I think like everything in life , it may suit some more than others , hence people may quit here and find something that's good for them.Anyways good to know we both still here, and success to us and the rest of the community.
3ss1m4n Premium
Don't worry I won't give up so easily ;)
I definitely struggle every now and then but yea I was just curious at the % of people giving up and those who considered it and what made them stay!
Happy you're still amongst us ;)
BVisan Premium
Hi Esteban
I know I'm not going to give you the answer you were looking for, but definitely I'm not going to quit!
Not even if I'm going to start making money of my website, which didn't happen so far.
Why would I quit?!
Just to save $47 a month?! I am spending more on cigarettes.
No way man!
So get ready to "see" my ugly face for a long time, 'coz nothing is going to kick me out of here.
3ss1m4n Premium
Haha that's good to hear ;)
I'm her for the long shot as well so be prepared to see my face up and about as well !!
By the way I used to smoke and I quit through a simple book it's called Allen Carrs easy way to quit smoking.
Helped me and 6 friends quit if you're interested (no I'm not getting a commission or anything from it :D )