You never know when

Last Update: October 17, 2018

Monday was like any other day for me until it wasn't. I woke up not wanting to go to an office that I hate but doing the right thing anyway. When I got to work, I found out that it would only be the intern and myself, oh joy. I had already scheduled to leave early. For me, the morning was typical, I was distracted and greiving the loss of a dear family member and the public was understanding.

I left work as planned to go home so we could take Deanna to the blood labs for her usual work ups. I remembered to get the toothpaste that we are running out of, grabbed my water and my favorite chocolate bar with peanuts.

It was the usual mid afternoon traffic in WNY and then BAM! I hit something and my air bag was in my face. I looked up to see a F-150 and freaked out, it felt like he was trying to drive forward to detach from me. My phone flew off the mount and sat between the seat and console. I grabbed it and called my husband hysterical.

A gentleman helped me out of the car and asked me if I was hurt. That man help me around the car and told me his mother called the cops. This is when I found out it was not just me and the truck, there was a roadside assistance truck too. I immediatly took pictures and sent it to my husband, shaking and crying the whole time. This was my only car.

The ambulance checked me and the others out, I went to the hospital. I was checked over again, excused from work and given muscle relaxers and pain meds. While I was in the ED, the EMT told the Doctor what happened as was told by the other vehicles involved.

The roadside assistant truck slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting an apple truck, the F-150 hit his brakes still hitting the roadside assistant truck. I blinked and slammed into the F-150, I never saw it coming. I didn't hit the brakes, I didn't see brake lights, nothing.

I am sore and bruised up, but I walked away from a bad crash. You never know when life is going to throw a surprise at you. I was listening to my motivational videos at the time of this accident. I have been wanting to change things but stuck in the rut. I felt this way a forceful but loving way for the gods to tell me to change. Without a car, I can't go to the job I hate for the health insurance and pay that I need. I would have to work from home.

The surprises keep coming. I was picked up at the hospital by my mother in law and her sister. My mother in law discussed our situation with her sister and husband as far as being able to help us. She gave us her car! It's the same age as mine and smaller but it's clean and maintained well.

I am so grateful for this gift. I woke up this morning without an alarm, just the way I like it. My first thought and words were "I'm alive". I thanked my gods and appreciated the sunshine coming into our bedroom window. I am thankful for my life, my family, the sun, my house, my new old car and an opportunity to live more consciously.

You never know when....

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JonLake Premium
Glad you are ok
LucyLee Premium
Gratitude = happiness! Glad you are OK. Thanks for the post!
Eli47 Premium
You are right, let us be thankful for our life. My husband and I had an accident three years ago and we almost died. Thank God, we are still alive to look after our two daughters who are still in school and see our newly born granddaughter. My older children took care of us while we were in the hospital.
1VibrantLife Premium
I'm glad you guys are doing well and you survived. It is a powerful life changing message, to live and be grateful. Too bad it took that to jolt some of us.
VictorF22 Premium
God is good! Glad you are fine.
Sometimes we need "a wake up call" to appreciate everything we have A LOT more.

Enjoy life my friend! Great post.
1VibrantLife Premium
Thank you Victor.
Glen B Premium
Wow and I thought my Monday was Bad!! Glad you're alright!

- Glen B