I was a whopping 193 Dec.1, now I'm 170 on Dec.21, 2018, that's 23 pounds folks!

Last Update: Dec 22, 2018

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I will share my story with you and with pictures as proof. No I didn't starve myself, on the contrary I ate till content. Then the funniest thing is I started to lose over a pound a day.

No Exercise, what so ever! Yes, nope, nope and OH and nope.

Look at the photo below. Yes that's me on Sept. 1, 2018, Saturday. I was hired as a caricature artist for a party at a park near Waikiki Beach. The host snapped these pictures and put it on yelp. Was I honored, ahhh...well, I guess. What stood out in those pictures was my swelled up face and large round shirt. I lie, it's that round thing that protrude/ oozed out in it.

That did it, I was please forgive me for this angry at how I came across on my yelp review with those photos staring for all Hawaii to see. Not an image I had of me in mind.

What bothered me is more than that, I knew how to fix it.

What I am about to say will, I believe, shock you but I had to fix my "Eating Disorder." Nope, to me not my laziness, or whatever excuses most people believe. I and I alone knew that I and to fix my eating disorder and fast.

What is that eating disorder you ask? My body no longer need my mind. Yes you heard it right, my body was on auto-pilot, eat anything and everything in sight. Always hungry even after a big meal. Have you experienced this? ,, are going through it now, please listen up cause my experience when applies might save you from all kinds of 'bad things' health wise.

Here' are just some BAD THNGS, I mentioned.

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Atheoroschlorisis
  3. Diabetes ( this is a biggie)
  4. Alzheimer-/dementia ( run in my family)
  5. Cancer
  6. Kidney Disease
  7. Gout
  8. Inflammation of all kinds.

And the list goes on and on.

YOU ASK WHAT IS THE CULPRIT GUILTY OF THE ABOVE WELL, IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW IT'S SUGAR! Yep, that tiny little white granual, made me addicted to sugar foods.

Anyways if you read my previous post, about how the body creates energy you will find out in my own interpretation how that is so.

I'm here to show you pictures, results of my 21 days diet journey, starting from Dec.1, 2018. For some of you might say, "Nah, Frank don't lie to me, you're in WA community now. We don't tell lies!!!"

This is true, I tellyaah, my God will kick my y'now and then some, and he knows I'm not lying.

The 3rd picture is 13 days, I lost 15 pounds at 178 from 193. I lost 15 lbs. My daughter took this picture at Starbucks in Honolulu at 6 am, Hawaii time. Dec. 13.

Incident there is no reason I started the journey on Dec. 1. Exactly 4 months after that picture shown on my Yelp page. I just decided to choose that date. Sure made it easy for me to keep track.

Today I'm 23 pounds later. I will be honest with you my weight have not lost since Dec.19. I simply couldn't help myself nibble on some Christmas candies, etc. I did not over indulge but enough to delay my weight loss progress.

My wife took this pictures Dec.19, this past. You can see my body is somewhat more angular, for example the elbow, etc. not like the first 2 pictures on Sept 1.


This is my diet, are you ready????? Are you sitting down? Thank you! =)

I am doing the Ketogenic Diet but with a little tweaking,

My 19 consecutive days I ate simply 70% fat, 25% protein and lots of water.

I as you might already know I'm 64 years old. I have never done "Keto on Steroids" such as this one. It was much milder. Now carb like Atkins. Keep my intake under 20 grams of carbs. I don't want to fill your head with info. I just want to share with you my experience.

Atkins diet have been with me for over 18 years, I pretty much something about it.

I know, I hear all the talk that this diet cannot be sustainable, long term, I hear you. A Doc, not sure of his exact name, but if you check him out you will find him.

He at first didn't believe the Atkins Diet, back in his days, but low and behold he believes it today. I mentioned about him because he continues to do Ketogenic Diet for over 20 years.

I am not a Doctor so I am sharing my experience with you. , want to try this consult your Doc. Hopefully he will convince you to do it, if your condition needs it. He may even want to adjust your medications so as not to mess up your own health.

Please I don't need to argue with you, simply that as of now I'm so happy with the results. For me, it's hard to convince my reality that it's not true. Please don't get me wrong, I am as open as all get out, if I didn't feel any "bad-things" I do believe it's OK for me.

I'm here for you to question my beliefs, I will try to answer it, after all you're part of my WA family. I cannot let you down.

Thank you so much for dropping in, I appreciate it.

Love you all!

frank =)

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So here we are again Frank it has been a while just thought I would pop in to see how you were doing. I see you are doing quite well and looking great. I am so happy when others take interest in there health and well being. Usually because there is a necessity but hay you did it "didn't you." sent you a PM
always a better way

Yes Linda, I'm still at it, I'm at 168. not much but enough. I will continue my dear friend until I'm 155. My goal.

Sure nice to hear from you again Linda. Take care by the way I will leave you with the last pic of me at 168. Still working down to my goal.

Much mahalo Linda!


That's an amazing result! You look great!

I believe what MThompson3 says - 'Low fat = high sugar'. All these low fat yoghurts need to taste nice - so sugar (or, worse still, artificial sweeteners are added)...

Happy for you. I can believe that you are excited.

~ Isabella

Yeo, internetgranny, high fructose corn syrup is unforgiving ingredients the Junk Food Industry created.


Thanks for the post my dear friend, consider yourself blessed you saw through all the bad stuff, food and big pharma have introduce obesity and bad health.

Mahalo and Aloha!


Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Proud of you!!!!!!

Sugar is sweet POISON!

Cholesterol and natural fat never killed anyone. Just lies and misinformation put out by Big Food and Big Pharma to make Big Money. They pass there propaganda to the un-educated and impressionable lemmings of the world.

Low fat = high sugar........that simple.

Congratulations on taking your own health into your own hands and changing your life for the better.


"Low fat = high sugar........that simple."

MARK you are something else, buddy! So true, about everything you said about this so called JUDGES OF OUR HEALTH INDUSTRY.

On big lie after another for profit.

WHO THE HECK ARE HUMANS, Any way to them? Ohh yes, to them, to make money from.

GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! They sure know how to boil my bubbling blood, instantly.

Thanks Mark, we share similar interest,



Thanks for dropping in.


Your so right Mark
Stay away from anything with low fat on their label. HDL cholesterol is nutrition for your brain and LDL is the transporter it just needs to be in balance.
Enjoy your holidays and happy New year to you and your family

You look good. I believe in keto eating also. M resolution for 2018 is to eat keto and get back to my Intermittent Fasting (IF). Please PM me your site link. Thanks.- shirley

That takes a lot of discipline and commitment. If we apply the same to our business we can all reach our goals. Good for you. Keto diet has benefits but not for everyone.

Thanks Debbie, yes not for everyone. I just wanted to share what just happened to me. To tell the truth I am shocked, really.

Thanks Debbie I appreciate you dropping in. Nice to see you again.

Mahalo and Aloha my dear friend!

frank =)

Hee hee so true, I'm on this subject because I am working on this Ketogenic diet, only that it worked for me. NOW.

I'm stepping into unchartered territory, yet it is similar to Atkins, but on steroids. A woman who is on it shared her story.

She's hilarious Debbie, yet her story I can feel engaged in.

Mahalo again my dear friend!


Hi Frank nutrition is the better medicine for a healthy and happy life
Have a great day

Thanks Tommy, yes I agree. I don't plan to stay on this forever. Nutrition is always front and center for me. I heard this diet can be harmful. I will look more into this.

Mahalo my brother!


Indeed I write about the pro and cons it's a great solution for moving quickly forward in the right direction regarding a healthy fat level. On the long term I would say a nutrition plan close to vegetarian is more healthy. Have your animal protein sources spread over the week. If I was you check out some Tabatha training. Short workout good for your health takes about 10 minutes to Max 30 minutes. A good morning habit would be having a 20 minutes walk or bicycle ride before breakfast.
Enjoy your holidays and happy New year to you and your family

Tommy 3 weeks ago I had a rotor cuff surgery. Still sore. I am going on a 3 month physical therapy. Not sure I can handle exercise except this one..Thanks Tommy, sure appreciate it, but first I want to get this left arm good and well.


For sure Frank first get everything moving normally.

Cheers, Tommy

Thanks I will my "health wizard!"



Hi Frank- I am going to look this up because I sure need to shed a few pounds right now - Can you pm the link to me, please

Sure Vicki, I will put some things together for you to look over. Please put some time away from your busy schedule, this is important and the world is catching on.

Be ready for naysayers that say this diet cannot be sustained by any human being. Please do your own dd, don't let those who really don't know 'throw you off."

All I ask is for you to have an open mind, for I know you and the human community world wide have been lied to. In my humble opinion.


and Vicki again, please have an open mind on this.

Mahalo for dropping by my dear friend, it just might change your life for the better, if not already.

I sure will Frank and thank you for the pm's
big smile

I put the pro an cons regarding different diets on my site feel free to check out my site.
I am a metabolic health coach annex fitness consultant for 25 years already
Have a great day

wow Frank you even look younger so it must be really good for you. Well done and thank you for sharing your journey my friend:)

Why thank you my dear, dear friend! I do feel younger. I will eventually give it up, this weight loss, but my goal is another 20 lbs. Not sure I can do it, too much temptations all around me.

But you Cass be safe and Happy Holidays young lady! OHH and stop beating up criminals for me OK!??? They don't need broken bones before entering the jail house!

It will hurt your reputation, you don't want to be labeled a



But you made me a super hero so what can I say hehe:)
You also have a safe and happy holiday!

You too Cass!


Well, thank you Keishalina, sure nice to hear it from you.
I am blushing!

Be safe over the Holidays my dear friend!


Super progress, Frank! ... Enjoy your 'new' self! ...

thanks kindly for sharing, cheerio ... 😊

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