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I am a 33 year unemployed single mom. Looking to reinvent myself! After 8 years of being employed with the same company doing something I





This took forever!

This took forever!

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Authoring & Writing Content

Looking for some feedback. This one was hard to write. I've read and reread it too many times. I'll return the favor if you give me the link to something you need read.

Very good!

.Well written. Nice work!

Always go with Kyle's opinion! For mine - your website posts are incredibly well written. I read them with great interest. Then I noticed all the adds and began thinking, maybe they are just trying to sell me something
So I suppose I am trying to say, build up a following before you blast them with ads. Don't forget to let them sign up for future blogs. I love your writing style!
I did not see privacy policy or disclaimer policy, you may not be at that point yet, just an observation.
Left ya a message.

It looks good Beth, but instead of linking to a training piece within WA, you are going to have much more luck and get more conversions if you link to your WA review as well within the post. This way you are giving people a concise action.

Also, your URL plugin should be the same as your blog title:

Personalize your blog = http://buildingabetterblog.com/personalize-your-blog

This can be edited within your post editor.

Overall though you are off and running here Beth, nicely done!

Excellent! I can tell you put in a lot of long hours and hard work to complete this site, and it shows! It's laid out well, has PLENTY of quality content, and you've utilized images perfectly. The only thing that you might consider, and this is very minimal, is to try and get the menu in one line. For instance, move some of the pages to subcategories, Kyle had suggested this, but like I said, it's totally your preference. Overall, you've done a super job putting it together! Great work honey!



The link didn't work and I didn't see it under your profile.

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