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Why wont the link on my site work?

Why wont the link on my site work?

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WA Affiliate Program

I am trying to make a link of the image on my site to Wealthy Affiliate but it always links to a page that does not exist on my site.
Can someone help me with this

Hello, I did edit with the pencil, copied the link URL and copied it to my site. It is not working. The link is from Flex Offers.
Can anyone help? ! Thank you!!!!

Sue without knowing your exact problem you might find your answer here.
Tim If this doesn't fix you up holler back.

Hi, thank you for responding. It has to do with the domain address not being found., It must be some set up problem. I cannot find the answer!! I have searched WA, FlexOffers, Wordpress, googled it and revised my IPconfig. sorry for the rant.. i am getting so frustrated after 2 days!! Thanks again.

I hope you have managed to resolve it with Bill's help

seems like you have got a lot of help here. you'll figure it out. :))

Click on your image in the edit mode and then click on the "pencil"-- on "link to" choose "Custom URL" and put the "URL" you want to link to and click on "update" and you are good to go.

What I do is go to the page I want to link to and copy the url. Then I go back to my web page editor, edit the image and add that url to the link option. I hope this makes sense!

Just as Howard says, whether it is text, picture, or whatever, you need to copy the link you want to go to and paste that as the URL.

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How do you make the fonts larger when posting?

How do you make the fonts larger when posting?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I am writing my first post on my website and noticed the fonts are small. How do you make them larger, especially for headers?

Looks like I am a little late all the best

It's these damn little things that drive you crazy...isn't it.

Highlight the words you want to change. You can make the fonts bolder, italicize them or underline them. If you want to change the font size go to the header box and select the font size.

my pleasure, its the least i can do, so many are helping me. blessings to both of us on our way. :))

ooooo, you got to click the kitchen sink button all the way at the right side end of the line. then another line of options will appear and then you will have that box. remembering we are in the edit page part. see if that works.

Thanks Cyndi. I tried everything but the kitchen sink. Guess I was in too big of a hurry.

I agree with CristopherLee all the best

howdy, use the box under the B for bold and I for italicize, it gives you choices like paragraph which is most common and then header lines that have different sizes. hope this helps :))

The only box I have under the B and I is the content box . Am I missing something?

If you are using the Headings only use H1 one time per page

Under the paragraph tab you will see headings
Have a great day!

You can add a plug-in for that. I use the Ultimate tinyMCE, but if you've upgraded to WP 3.9 you'll have to use WP edit I believe, and there are others. Just go to plug-ins and add new, then type in 'font', or one of the plug-ins I just mentioned. Install and activate one of the plug-ins and it'll show up in your editor.

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