Aspirations of Mediocrity

Last Update: May 31, 2023

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Many folks refuse to step outside of the boxes their minds are caged in. Never questioning the rigid boundaries they've often been taught are valid and normal.

Without thinking of it, they will defend these boundaries as if their own life depended upon them, and the routines of mediocrity that are the result of these prisons they were trained to exist within.

The part that is disturbing, to me anyway, is how so many trapped in these ruts of mental stagnation yearn for more.

Yearn for more as they often cry in their pillows exhausted from the vast amount of energy their routines demand of them. And yet resigned that this is all life has to offer, as they dread facing another day of stepping back into the soul sucking routine that is killing their soul.

Shawshank Redemption

A great movie, if you've never seen it. A man is convicted for killing his wife and her lover and sentenced to life in prison. A crime of which he was innocent.

Using a small rock hammer, he spends many years slowly digging through the walls of that prison, till one day he is able to finally escape.

Now let's be blunt here, what made the movie special, as so many of this type are, is he refused to accept his circumstances.

So despite the toll of his normal routines and stresses that accompany being incarcerated, he took action to strive for something different.

He refused to do what the other inmates there were doing.

Refused to accept the routines and mindsets that result in aspirations of mediocrity.

It was just such a refusal that makes the movie so compelling. That transforms the normal person into the hero.

Folks are drawn to such movies as our hearts yearn to witness somewhere someone is refusing to accept these cages.

Somewhere, even if in fiction, another dared to fly high, challenging the powers that be that insist one know their place and not lift their head and look for more.

Can you see yourself as more than your routines?

Can you be like the hero in Shawshank, and dig deep within and find energy to dig through those walls no matter how tired you are after your day to day obligations?

I'm guessing if you are reading this that you definitely want more, and entertain the idea there is more than the routines and results you have been producing.

Seeing yourself as more than these thoughts will be the key to transformation. Understanding that you're not the mediocrity that you've produced, that those close to you demand from you.

Sadly most of those around us seek to keep us in those chains, which makes it even more difficult to break them. We don't want to upset those part of our pack. And they demand we stay chained to the personal history and reflections that make their own chains more palatable for them.

The fact is, you have to drop all of those chains. Begin seeing yourself as the hero in your thoughts. Seeing yourself as the doer of these actions that are foreign to what you've been taught so far. Of what you are used to doing.

It requires a lot of energy. Requires a stubbornness that refuses to allow initial failure and protestations of those closest to us to weigh us down and give up.

Understand the main thing that separated Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption from his fellow inmates were the possibilities he allowed himself to see for himself.

Imagine spending that first year in his shoes, digging that tunnel. And barely seeing any progress.

Toiling month after month with so little to show for it.

You get where this is going.

I wish all reading this the strength and tenacity to break free of whatever chains of mediocrity that has been installed within you. That you dig deep within yourselves and break free into excellence as the man in that fictional movie broke free of the prison he found himself in.

Thanks so much for reading.



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Recent Comments


Great post Sting! I appreciate your great analogy!

Shawshank Redemption- one of the greatest film of all time.

As I for one refused to be bounded, with all my strength and energy, I went against the power of one of the most influential people in my time, and now had tasted freedom, in a new place, and created a family that was created mostly in my mind then,while going through the rough struggles, growing up!

I have conquered and defeated the power that could have restrained me down! It was not an easy feat! Sadly, the power that could have admitted it’s defeat was many years gone! 🥲

One of the main themes of the film is HOPE!

If you believe you will fail, then you will!

Life without hope seems dark! It is better to live with hope! ~ me

Thank you for this post, Sting!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

To quote the warden from the movie

"It's nice to have you back"

I do love that movie, one of the best ever.

Yes, your own life is proof we can fly higher than the chains of those who would be tyrants and force them on us. Your own story would make for a good book or film.

I do hope that you've been feeling more rested and yourself since your return. I know you started work again, which could have either prolonged your state or returned you back to normal. I also know it must have been tiring regardless, especially given how hectic your nights can get.

Thanks so much as always for stopping by and adding your thoughts.

"Life without hope seems dark! It is better to live with hope!"



Hey Sting! You know pretty well by now I am a fan of your blog! You are one of those that truly made sense when you write something!

You are the “Don’t ask Google ~ ASK ME!” person!

I hate it that last night, I was in Eric’s class and I got called with an emergency!

I got so crazy busy the entire night! But that’s alright! That’s why I was there to begin with!

I believe I just said “Hi” to Frankie then I was gone through out the entire night!

I am starting my own little YouTube shorts. I just needed to add more thumbnails to amplify each one! It’s funny with my accent and all! But I needed to start with something! It will be 3 months before our first year anniversary Sting! I was hoping to have gone ahead by this time!

This is a Roope- Eric inspired YouTube shorts! Hahahaha!

I suck at editing! I needed to do better! This is what’s keeping me busy ATM!!!

Tonight is my second night!

Are you working tonight? I thought you were off, I can’t remember anymore!

I hope to launched my production really soon! Hahaha!

We shall see if it would even pass the editing board!

So far, I am still recording videos!

I wanna be the Roope (female version), with the accent and all!😅🤣😂!!!

Okay Sting! I got to go! Hope you have a relaxing evening!

Take care!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

I appreciate your appreciation of my blog. :) I like your

"You are the “Don’t ask Google ~ ASK ME!” person!"

I figured you got called away last night as I only saw you post tat one time there. Hopefully tonight it might slow down for you a little during class.

Yes, I'm off tonight, other than I need to take the class and work on my blog, as well as do some beginning work on the Python. I really don't get much down time, hah hah.

Kudos to you on getting a jump on the YouTube channel. I found this training here. Although it's 4 years old, maybe it can help.

I tried Camtasia some time ago, and it does a good job. Skipping around in her tutorial video she seems to cover some of the musts, like gaps in the sound and such. Hope you're getting some much needed rest right now.



Can you believe this ? I just completed my response to you , my phone rings! I messed up and completely deleted me earlier response!

How did that happen?

I am as always multi- tasking! Trying to eat my salad. In the computer, trying to get some more things done! My daughter calls me! Every thing gets jumbled up! Ahhhhh! I can’t get any right today!!!

So sorry Sting!

I have few minutes, then I shall be off to really start preparing for work!

How ‘s your Phyton class going so far?

I really applaud you for adding another class to your already busy activities!!! Where do you still find the time?

This is my big project! And I want to do it right! Thank you for sending me that video clip.
Hope it eases up on my trying to make this work!

Okay Sting! Have to get off now as my phone keeps getting so much calls!

Have a really great evening !

Thank you my friend !

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

I just saw you commented here. I find I still don't get all of my notifications.

I'm starting the Python class later today. I don't have time for it really, but I'm tired of having no time or money so making time where there isn't, hah hah.

I figure it can open many doors. It's possible I could land an entry level programming job which would pay more and not be dangerous like my current position, and I definitely can use it to make money (which is where I want to use it to be free) in making my own AI. Initially for mass producing websites to flip.

I hope you are figuring out the YouTube. I plan on doing that at some point down the road, so maybe you could make some tutorials once you have a good system down and be a mentor for the rest of us. :)

I hope your night went well.

I had to get up hours ago to drive to another town to do some major grocery shopping as I hate having to run her to work and then go back and get her if I need my vehicle. It adds almost an hour and a half to my day just that part of the driving.

So I'm going to stretch back out here is a few moments.

Thanks so much for keeping me in your multi tasking rotation system. :)



Good morning Sting!

I don’t get the notification system as well, I believe I removed my notifications as it filled me emails so fast.

You’re one of the few that I keep in my multi- tasking! Sometimes I get my messages crisscrossed! Which is embarrassing! ????!

I applaud you for doing Phyton, then maybe later you can train the WA on this!

I am a bit conscious of my accent, but in my mind, if Roope is able to do it, I can too! I just have to speak a little slower so people can understand me better!

Why do you have to drive an hour away, is the food really that expensive where you are? I know I drive 2 hours one way if I have to get Filipino foods. Before Covid, me and my friends would drive to Canada to get some tropical fruits that is not available here - that’s 8 hours one way, then later on drive back to the USA.

I may just take an hour nap then seriously start on my YouTube recording. That will give me a great time to work on my project.

I shall leave you to your Phyton class so you can have more things done as well.

I was glad that my night last night was great. I did not even get a call from anywhere! But I had to do my certification classes on the computer!

I was happy that I get to finish the class with Kyle! One of the few good nights!

Alright Sting, I shall leave you alone. My eyes are like clam shells, they are closing as I complete my response to you.

Enjoy the beautiful day, and hope you get to finish your Phyton class soon!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

The grocery stores are limited to expensive ones in my town, so I have to drive to a town 20-30 minutes away dependent on time of day and traffic. Which is compounded more if I wait to take her to work as I then have to make 2 round way trips to her work which adds an hour and a half of driving on.

I hope you got some good sleep. I'm lurking in Jays class now as I reply to comments. :)

Can't wait to see your YouTube channel.



Hahahaha! It’s a very frustrating experience, I tell you that! I don’t like looking at my videos! I am not launching any of these that I made! I am redoing my video recording!

You may have to wait forever for me to launch my very first!

I have done 2 videos last December 2022. And because I didn’t like it. There was never a 3rd! Those 2 videos have been gaining audience very very slowly 🥱

How was your Phyton class today?

How was your lurking at Jay’s class? Anything interesting?

Ahhh, that’s why I am a nurse and not an actress! I can’t stand looking at myself on camera! My husband is good at this. He had done this before ( as he was in the acting business for 10 years before becoming a nurse).

So there, Sting! I may do this later again tonight. I don’t know! We have wedding to go to tomorrow. I just can’t take mediocrity! It has to at least be acceptable in my standard.

We shall see ~

Have fun lurking! And tell me anything exciting!

I rely on you! 😂

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

I'm still doing intro stuff in Python where it discusses where we will be going.

Jays class was a waste, its really a class on using SiteKit which I had to uninstall, not actually one on installing GA4. I'll need to find training that actually covers it. I feel the title of the class was very misleading and wouldn't have logged in had I known.

I'm going to go be productive elsewhere now, hah hah.

Have a nice night and enjoy your wedding tomorrow.



I believe I had discussed that GA4 early on, perhaps January, in one of my blogs.

Let me find it, as I got that reminder way back.

You and your bull headed approach to things, Sting! Sometimes makes me laughed. I think you and Jay is like oil and water!

Do you think the Phyton class will help you with your game plan?

So, enjoy your class. And I shall try something to tweak my 2 videos. And continue to make more. As I have prompted AI to make me 7 scripts that I can create for YouTube. I have to make these 7 videos.

Hi Maria,

I got a notification you replied with the link to your post on GA4 on your Memorial day celebration, however nothing shows up there when I click the notification. I did find the post however manually scrolling your blog, but there weren't any instructions on it.

I researched (off of WA) and think I may have it fixed, but have to wait up to 48 hours for it to collect data to know for sure.



Are you still working on your class at this time?

I apologized if my blog didn’t meet what you were looking for.

At this point, I am trying to compile my 5 more scripts that I wanted to complete by tomorrow, so I run 1 video every other day.

My goal is to be able to make 30 videos for the month of June-July, at that point, I should be feeling a little more confident and be able to say, “Yeah I can do this!”

This reminded me last year of August, as I was trying to learn how to build my website, through an iPad, until I realized that it was so hard, thus I had to invest in a MacBook PRO, that gave me a tax ride for this year.

In 2 months will be our one year in WA. Looking back, I have to see what I have accomplished in the span of 10 months. Would I say, if I continue to work on my blogging, I would be able to achieve what I’ve come here for?

I may have been slow in my progress, but I can say, I had accomplished a lot, experienced a lot in my 10 months.

And now that I intend to seriously pursue YouTube, no matter what, I hope to propel much faster.

Good night Sting! I hope to complete this 7 videos by tomorrow. Hopefully I see it in a different light tomorrow and just published them all.

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

No, I was up figuring out (hopefully) GA4. My boot camp will likely take longer than many get through it, as I never seem to have the time already for actions before jumping into this as well, hah hah.

No worries on the blog. Sometimes I really need something step by step, which is my ignorance rearing its head.

Yes, tax write offs are plentiful for business. Something I knew before he said it this way (Robert Kiyosaki)

When you are employed you pay the government first, when you are self employed you pay them last.

I'm much the same way in viewing my membership here. I'm not like many and easily hooked on the social side of things being more of a loner, but when I look at my knowledge now compared to coming here I see a vast improvement.

Each week being immersed here with those doing, taking the live classes many weeks 3 times a week has really begun affecting my knowledge base and inner dialogue from that.

I'm glad you feel the same way. I believe as personable as you are that as time goes on you will become a sensation in your niche as your personality is like a magnet, warm and inviting.

Remember what Eric says in relation to making videos. He mentioned how bad his were when he started and how he was a work in progress to get to the smooth operator (my words there hah hah) he is today.

Hope you had a great evening.



Good morning Sting!

I remember you and I joined WA at the same time, so I believe we are both covered :

“ I f you created your property after October 14, 2020, you’re likely using a Google Analytics 4 property already, and no action is required.”

So, just maybe you are already covered !

You and I are the same! I am a visual learner, and needs a step by step instruction on everything! That’s why I am glad that I was born in this time. I stunk at following directions by map ( remember that time? When we need to figure out how to find directions with the use of map? OMG! Such a waste in fuel, as l keep on missing where to turn!

I hailed the invention of Garmin - then every turn is directed! Haha!

Yeah, you and I had really come a long way, considering that we just joined less than a year and look at what we had achieved!

Even Tom can say that ( not to me directly, but to his family when sometimes I overhear him talk about me to his family)
I never ask.

I am glad that you find me “warm and inviting “ - as I do not look at myself that way! If at all, I am very direct, and at times blunt, and I don’t care about what someone else’s feel, but I have to tell the truth. I am that way at work and with family and friends. No sugar coating! If you’re wrong, you’re wrong! I can tell that in your face!

I know what Eric said about making videos. But back then, they didn’t have the tools we have now. So there’s really no excuse for MEDIOCRITY!

I want to claim and be proud of what I did.

Similarly, when I made my first website, I feel so proud, showing it to my co- workers, thus I got a lot of referrals to WA on my first 3 months. But they all gave up, when they realized it’s too much work to blog!

The competition to blog is very high at this point. We have to stand out from among the ordinary.

That’s why you and I connected, because of the level of mental prowess we posses. We understood each other!

I hate it that it’s going to rain, and I have to dressed up for Tom’s friend’s wedding tonight!
It will be a celebrity-filled occasion, as he was a friend from the acting business.

I am looking forward to see Ellen McPherson, as she’ll be there. She’s so warm and caring . I will be surrounded by really great looking people tonight at their best! I like the feel (Tom doesn’t) But social functions demand that from us sometimes. I love the dancing part and the food.

Have a fun Saturday and Sunday, Sting! When are you working again? I am working tomorrow (Sunday) then Thursday & Friday.

Take care Sting!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

I had to delete SiteKit which deleted the tag I need for Analytics 4.

I had already been pondering it as my site was having speed issues and others like Brenda were insisting it was Site Kit. Then one day it stopped working and said I had to give Google Ads permissions to run correctly so ditched it. I don't plan on EVER using Google ads on my sites so as is so often the case, refused the demand for intrusion where it isn't called for.

I actually got pretty good at using maps, driving so much cross country in my life. I did get to cheating though and over the last 20 years would print out the Google maps and every time I would hit a new leg of the journey write down my mileage and calculate the distance I should be at the next leg so I could be alert for it.

I'm glad Tom can see what you're doing. My family all feels the same as when I was self publishing, that I'm just goofing off online. Even my partner makes comments every now and again about if this worked I'd be making money from it.

And yes, I appreciate your mental capacities especially when you write one of your thought provoking posts that I am in shock to read here at WA, hah hah.

I hope the wedding is going well, and rain is cooperating. We are to finally have rain for the next week here. Temps went from high in the low 90's to high in the 50's.

I'm much like Tom in disliking such affairs as the wedding. People putting on fake masks pretending this or that for the most part, and I always have a hard time as I can't connect to that.

Like you, I go back to work tomorrow night. So enjoy your last night off this round.



Good morning Sting!

Just curious! What was your the theme you used for your website! As I use the Generate Press (Free Version), and the site Kit , with very minimal plugins ( That I deactivate after using - and only activates plug ins when I need them.)

But, have you figured out how to install GA4? I believe, Jay’s last class dealt with it! Just fast forward his class, and you’ll find it!

After watching tons of YouTube videos, I was able to figure out, how to edit my videos, without using so much of my own image,
I have yet to produce one, which I will run with you, to see what you think .

You are the only one that can really tell me, in all honesty, whether what I did was good or NOT REALLY!!!

The wedding last night was just all a complete “SHOW “! It’s Tom’s best friend’s wedding, so I too have to put on a show. It’s mostly celebrities! You know how it is! Hopefully this wedding will be it for him. He is a good and kind man. We shall see. I hope she didn’t marry him for money! So the entire evening, my mind was going off 200 miles an hour, self- judging the people that comes to our table. ( I know, bad me - but that’s how it was , aside from 10 people, I personally know, the rest were simply “Hello friends “ that I won’t remember after last night’s event anyway.

Came home about 3am, and as always, I was sleeping on the drive home and continued my sleep when we arrived home.
Tom has to toss in bed for about an hour more. Just like you, he always has trouble sleeping!

I read your most recent blog ! I agree with your assessment. I may put in my thoughts on that later tonight.

This time, I didn’t know you replied to my comment yesterday, as the font didn’t change until this morning. That’s when I read your reply.

There’s so much training on AI I would want to do, but I have to stick with my big project at the moment. After tonight, I have 3 days to work ore on these projects. If I am able to produce 15 videos, I shall be all set, then 15 more and I’ll be thrilled!

My mental capacity is less inferior, I just had to bring up the emotional aspect of it, as I am an emotional being, that I am glad that you appreciate.

You have the more analytical brain cells, and you are grounded.

Hope you get more rest before you work tonight. It is such a beautiful day today, It’s just tempting to be outside, but I can’t be tempted today. 🤨

So long Sting!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

I also use the GeneratePress theme, although I did upgrade to premium.

Jay said at the beginning of his class that he decided since the site promotes the use of SiteKit he would stick to using that.

I used a header hook based on a video I found off site, and will check tomorrow likely to see if it has begun collecting data.

I do look forward to seeing your videos. and yes I'll give you an honest appraisal.

I dislike the type of events you mention, as it seems many are for the show and strutting etc. Nice of you to tolerate it for a good friend.

In todays climate where the culture pits men against women it seems many times the man is viewed for his wallet, so I hope alongside you for your friends sake she does want more than that.

It's funny you mention Tom has issues with sleeping too. I should be asleep right now but had to get up due to breathing. Hoping I might catch an hour or two more before I have to start getting ready for work in a few hours.

I'll be curious to read any input you might have on my latest topic. I understand that many would shy away from the topic as to both avoid becoming targets as well as rocking their own upvote boats, hah hah. But there are many folks getting tired of this, and have been for some time.

The other night in live chat was crazy as there was some back and forth taking place on the issue as I watched quietly as I normally do. I've been thinking on this topic for awhile now and took that as my omen to get it done.

The AI is going to be the future for at least a bit, and I agree after much analyzing that learning it now will give one an edge over the rest in the future.

But you get those vids done first. We only have so much time and attention and I'm a testament that spreading ourselves to thin means usually nothing is getting done.

As to the emotional part you mention, that creative side of you also helps you immensely in connecting with others. Social cohesion, once solidified often then takes a back seat to the emotional side.

Appreciate your thoughts as always.



Hey Sting! I pretty much know you by now, thus I know I can rely on you for a forthright evaluation of the work I do.

I am trying to give it my best shot! So we shall see how I can deliver. Hope not to fail your expectations. 😊

I don’t warm up easily, and a bit careful on how I open up to others. Last night, there had been countless attempts to get herself (the bride) be invited in our farmhouse, that I choose to not pick up, which Tom reiterated on our way home, that I choose to not discuss! 🤨

What happened with the “Live Chat” last night? I am curious!

You know I don’t give a rat’s ass on what people think. Although I am not a sharp shooter as you are, I am not controlled but whether they would like my comment or not.

“ Social cohesion, once solidified, takes a back seat to the emotional side….” ~ we shall see Sting! Hopefully, my night won’t be as bad, so I can give you my thoughts on your most recent post.

You know what I’m doing right, I am again trying to multi-task, as I get ready to leave. 😉

Hope you get a good few hours of sleep before you work tonight!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

Next time I get on my email from my computer I'll send you the screenshots. :)

I suspect you'll do better than you imagine. Aquarians are artists at heart.

I'm picturing each attempt by the bride to box you in on the visit getting a little bolder as she grew frustrated, hah hah.

I didn't get much sleep, and my night was tense sadly.

I hope you got some decent rest before your shift, and that your night was one of the better ones for you.



Good morning Sting!

Why was your night tense?

What screenshot are you sending me?

Being married to an Aquarian for a while, I felt that you knew me enough as well! Hahah! Like you were once married to me! Woow! That sounds weird! Hahaha!🤨

My night went well. I hope you are not working tonight Sting!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

I would be writing a long list if I went into my night. I'll say this though, my coworker is ALWAYS late (by a lot) for every shift and it creates quite a burden for me to start my night. Last night when I texted her to see at what time we should expect her highness she actually got testy with me, which I let her know that wasn't going to fly.

The screenshots are of the live chat you asked what happened in. :)

The Aquarian I was with was one of the laziest folks I've ever met, with an excuse for everything so in many regards the two of you are vastly different. :)

I am indeed working tonight, and hoping I get some great sleep today. I'm doing laundry right now and will likely lay down shortly after it's done.



OMG! Sting! I never knew a lazy Aquarian! The heck! She is an embarrassment to us! She must have been mistakenly labeled! When was she born?

Sorry that you are working tonight. I am excited on doing all my YouTube shorts. I am hoping against hope that it passed your standard, for that would really mean a lot!

Oh, looking forward for the screenshots! Where was I? How did d I miss those? Although I don’t really pay attention to Live Chats anymore!

Honestly, I am treating my big project seriously as I want it to stand out!

I had watched one of Mel’s video clips on AI. Let me tell you Sting, you’re on the right track. Don’t mind what your partner is telling you right now. But continue to do your Phyton class ~ as it will help you a lot!

I am still in my work place. I would be on my way home.

Hope you get good sleep right now.

I am so sorry that you are surrounded with lazy women! What’s up with you on that? You are a magnet for these crazy, lazy women!

Ok, Sting! I got to go now! I am excited to go home as Tom is working, Madison will be in school. I will be with the 2 dogs and I will have them on their runway, so I can do so much work.

There’s nothing sweeter than home alone ! Hahahaha!!!

Maria 🌹

Hah hah, she was born at the end of the third week of January.

I'm sure I'll love your videos. :)

I don't look there that often, usually in the morning as Partha and Diane will often be there. I lurk, but learn a lot. Plus those two are like watching a comedy team, hah hah.

It was a fluke I saw it the other night.

Yeah, my partner just doesn't understand this stuff, and I have to keep reminding her she felt the same way when I got into self publishing.

I definitely know I'm on the right track. I was looking both at entry level Python jobs, as well as prompt engineer jobs, and the freelancers are making a killing at the moment.

I'll say this about my partner I have now though. She is a hard worker, she just doesn't see things that I do much of the time. She understands routines and working for others and not so much outside of that box.

I'm a magnet for crazy folks period, the stories I could tell you, hah hah.

Drive safe and enjoy having the house to yourself with your two furr babues.



Hey Sting!

Hope you had a good sleep before you work tonight!

Indeed, I enjoyed Partha & Diane’s exchanges. They’re always funny! Partha would always hit below the belt. Diane has a good heart to take up the blows! I love them both!

I’m glad you watched Mel’s video on AI. It’s amazing!

Hope tonight will be your last night to work and be off for a while.

I shall be running some errands and continue my work by later tonight when I can.

Take it easy Sting!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

Tonight and tomorrow night then off again.

I'm going to try to make tonight's class but I should be asleep right now.

When you get to working tonight, remember to try having fun with it. The folks who have fun are always like a magnet for viewers.



Thanks for your advise Sting! I am not naturally funny, so I don’t know how to pull that off!

Tom is! He is a good writer and he could run jokes very easily!

Wow! So you are working 3 nights in a row! That’s tough!

Continue your sleep while I run my errands.

Take it easy Sting!

Maria 🌹

Jason, we are often the one who holds the keys to our own chains/prison cell. There are NO limits, but we create so many false stories of what we can or can not do.

I am guilty of such.

I have done so many amazing things in my life and yet I am also the person that has continued to hold myself back from doing so much more.

I will do my best to do better than before.


Hi Mel,

Yes, you hit it right on the head. So often we are the one who puts ourselves in these restrictive boxes.

I would guess you're not alone in being guilty of this, as likely we all have been. I know for sure I have, in pretty much all facets of life at various times.

I love your last line Mel, one of the best self affirmations I've read.

"I will do my best to do better than before."

Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your thoughts here. So often the comment sections are where the real gold is found, and for sure your comment here shines brightly on this truth.



Thank you very much Jason!


Hi, Jason

Great post and an excellent movie. It was released in 4K (ultra high Def) in the past year and we watch it often.

Your discussion would have put it on the movie menu for tonight, but we recently saw it.

Lol, when the movie first came out around 1994, one of my office managers told me the guy who breaks out of prison reminded her of me.

Of course, I had to see it, and I couldn’t see the connection. I’m more like Brooks, the librarian dude, but with a guitar. Haha 😎

I was very lucky to have two parents who raised me to believe that there was nothing beyond my grasp and always encouraged me to achieve more.

Rock On!🤘
Frank 🎸

Hi Frank,

I don't see you like Brooks, yes you are similar to Andy. You've shared enough with me for me to see you've always marched to your own beat.

Part of what made the movie such a contrast was the difference between Andy and Red. Red was stuck in his mind to a certain play, one where inside he was an important man. On the outside, a man who had nothing of value. It was only because of his love for Andy he didn't give up like Brooks and stepped outside of his mental trap at the end.

Your mention of your parents solidifies your office manager and my assessment of you.

Thanks for stopping by as always.



Thanks, Jason!

I'm a lot more like Dr. Emmett Brown in Back To The Future. Lol 😂🎸

hah hah

You know what, I put myself in place wherever I could in your blog. I released something about myself. I found out that I have been accepting what I thought was all I could get in my life, but I know now that I have to step up and step out of my comfort zone and GO FULL FORCE STRAIT AHEAD IN TO MY UNKNOWN WONDERFUL, EXCITING and unique future!! @@!! Ty for opening my eyes. Jazzymoma

Hi Joanne,

I appreciate you taking the time to let me know you found this helpful. It's always a great experience when we are able to relinquish thoughts that have kept us from realizing our true potential.

Years ago I saw a meme that really summed it up well.

It's a horse tied to a plastic lawn chair, believing it is trapped there because of the rope. It never dawned on the horse it could drag the chair wherever it wanted.

I hope you have a wonderful evening, and thanks so much for stopping by.



Hi Jason. I love your post.

In the same token, many here work full time at a just over-broke job. People are toiling and snaring by working as enslaved people for someone else to make a living. Same time they are working on their businesses, working hard as they can to be free from being tied down to a job.

I, too, have done it until I became self-employed in sales (mortgage and life insurance business) and stopped working for a corporate job. That enabled me to have more time to spend with my family. I know what this mediocre life can be like for many.

Many people hate their jobs; they often feel trapped and stuck! They want the lifestyle of the wealthy, which is unrealistic when people try to sell these ridiculous programs that offer these dreams when in reality, it doesn't exist. They take ur money and run. At least this platform makes your money worth it and makes your dream happen by doing what you can to grow your business.

People must put in the time. That's it. I hope you're doing that!

I get that, Brenda. I wrote an article yesterday, and I'm currently finishing up another. It gets easier as I write more and more, but the time flies by so fast. Before I know it another day is gone. Pushing through the Just Over Broke grind and loving WA at the same time is not at all like watching a movie. It's a way of life. Oh boy, I'm prattling on... sorry! That's all I have to say. Ha.


Keep prattling on and on LOL!

WooHoo!!!😃👍 I'm on a thank goodness, I just finished another article high!

Are you coming to class soon? Eric's class tonight.

Hi Brenda,

I fit that description perfectly. My work is very draining with an element of danger to it. I really dislike having to do it, but my circumstances don't allow me to make money as I used to elsewhere, and schedules being what they are as well as rules in this area have greatly limited my choices.

The only way out is to suck it up and act with what we have, which is why something like WA is perfect. It educates us as well as gives us an opportunity to put into action what we are learning.

My dad used to tell me as a child they can take away all of your possessions, but they can never take away what you know.

I've been in this position once before, which was how I got involved years ago in self publishing. By sheer willpower I was able to get that up for a time into a full time income that paid more than I make now.

Thanks so much for your stellar comment. It describes perfectly how so many are trapped, and the way forward to get out of it.



Not tonight. I'm not ready for YouTube

Alright! See ya around!

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