Last Update: Jun 23, 2014


Hello All,

I am so sorry everyone. On my last blog I was so excited about my 1 month anniversary, the fact that I finally got the nerve to reveal my website and that I got accepted to my 1st Affiliate.

These happened all at once and I forgot some of the things that I have learned about here at WA. Sometimes reading and learning are one thing, but remembering to put them into action is a totally different animal.

So with that all said, Eddy reminded me that I must give the link to lead people where I want them to go next. I edited my previous blog and figured out how to make the link work.

I should have known, because it was similar to entering your link on your website. First copy and past your link where you want it. Just click the link button on the menu above, click enter link and insert your URL into the space provided, then publish. Easy peasy.

To read Eddys' article click:


And just to make sure here is the link again to my site in case you want to critique it:


Recent Comments


Yep. You are so right. Thanks. I am checking out your sites in hopes of more travel one day.

And you've learnt something else...Everyday's a school day here at WA

Thanks to you Eddy.

Good job Rosalyn! You learned a valuable lesson that will literally pay you many times over in the future in your articles. ;)

Thanks Labman. I appreciate it.

Each new thing is a success. Congratulations on learning WA linking.

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