Listen to your heart

Last Update: November 08, 2016

Listen to your heart; start recognizing when something isn’t good for you and be strong enough to let it go.

A person can only waste the time you give them an opportunity to waste. Stop trying to open doors for people who constantly shut you out.

Make sure the interest is shown in the effort, the talk is supported by the actions, and the trust is earned through the consistency.

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MKearns Premium
You can follow your heart the other way too and let the right people in!
WaynePro Premium
I have heard this phrase many times throughout my life and I completely agree. Listen and follow your heart. Thanks

Loes Premium
I truly hope America will recognize today that something isn’t good for them..
zoeccess Premium
God Bless America...
rich6153 Premium
Thank you very much. I will.
theresroth Premium
Oh Zoe.
I hope it's not too late.....
Thank you!