How has my time with WA been so far?

Last Update: February 17, 2017

So, I've been a WA premium member for about a week now and I'm making some real progress on my website.

The niche I have selected is basically tourism for the Province I live in and the lessons I've learned thus far (Outside of WA lessons).

  • This is a lot of work
  • You get back what you put into it, this is by no means a get rich fast/easy scheme
  • being positive is important but being realistic keeps you grounded
  • the WA community is a very, very good asset
  • Good content always proves itself

My goals are to have the websites content full by the end of this weekend so I can start focusing on making the formatting better and working towards getting more traffic through my own personal networks (they are very powerful).

Once I get more consistent traffic, I'm looking to approach local businesses for advertising as my niche is directly related to local businesses. I'm hoping to achieve this by may. (before I take the sports car out for the season)

If everything goes as planned, this summer will be spent doing a lot of the things on my website so I can provide first hand descriptions with my own photos.

Anyone else in a different niche like mine?

I still plan to have amazon adds on my site on pages related to their content (eg. on the camping page I'll have tents and whatnot advertised) but my main financial income through this would likely be from local businesses.

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BIS Premium
You sound like you have a very clear plan for success. Wishing you the best of luck with it all.
TraceC Premium
Hi! My niche is also definitely very specific (song selection and backing tracks for character actresses) which I think makes for quite a challenge! Yours sounds doubly interesting because of the local businesses involved, but it also sounds like it could be hugely rewarding in a personal way as well as the financial one. It's good to see so many different ideas being put together.

Sylvain34 Premium
Nicely done and great post too.
Your aspiration are big and I know you will reach your business goals.
KeithMaki Premium
Great work! Keep on moving forward!