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I'm closing in on a month with WA and boy does time fly. Some days I've spent 12 hours or more at it and others less than 2. My progress is fairly good but I'm lacking pictures for a lot of the stuff on my site and I simply can't get any good ones until the summer. (There isn't many free pictures around for what i need) Other than that, the lessons are very easy to follow and there's plenty of support throughout the community so I have high hopes still that I'll at least have a little side hobb
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So, I've been a WA premium member for about a week now and I'm making some real progress on my website. The niche I have selected is basically tourism for the Province I live in and the lessons I've learned thus far (Outside of WA lessons).This is a lot of workYou get back what you put into it, this is by no means a get rich fast/easy schemebeing positive is important but being realistic keeps you groundedthe WA community is a very, very good asset Good content always proves itselfMy goals are