My Progress so far and thoughts of the the next 3 to 6 months

Last Update: February 20, 2016

Ok so here goes with my blog

Progress so far- Well i'm on course 2 lesson 10 of 10, and loving the community and the lessons i am going through.

My website is developing at a slow and steady pace and am now in two minds weather to change the theme of the site to something completely different. I have heard if i do change theme, there will be a lot of tweaking to do to get all the menus, tags back to normal so will think carefully if i am to do that. I have 9 pages so far but they need to be rich in content i still need to prepare the most difficult page yet which is actually putting together a small 4 camera cctv system from start to finish.

At the moment i am not generating any income from my site, but I would expect my site to be generating some small amount of income within the next 3 months. The site hopefully develop as time passes by with content rich pages and posts, and an active busy site with people asking for information and details about setting up a cctv system. In the next 3 to 6 months i would like to be generating an adequate income. Where i could seriously think of leaving the full time job i am currently in at the moment. Maybe wishful thinking but one can still dream!

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SusanAL Premium
Great news! And, yes, dream...dream big. =)
Junkexchange Premium
Slow but sure. We are taking the lessons slowly and working out time here with our 'real' job. Looked at your site. Will def be checking it out, because of our need to do the same.
One of the suggestions on our site was to make it more personal by changing admin to our names - Thanks to Barry and Marion, I was directed back to a lesson - .
Really like your style and impressed with your knowledge. Thanks for the update.
Rod and Troy
hey i am with you i am on lesson 6 tomorrow it is a lot to take in but chew slowly
zipppp50 Premium
lol ..... well said... I will defy chew slowly.... Otherwise INFORMATION OVERLOAD!! Thank you
tmaltz Premium
At this stage, it won't be hard to change a theme and have to do a lot of tweaking on your site. As you say gets really big this can be the case. Focus on building your content and go through each step or classroom with the intention of providing helpful comments and that will benefit your niche audience. That should be the focus right now. Nice work and keep it up.
MatteoMeli Premium
That's great news mate, Congrats and keep up the hard work, It will pay off!! :)
zipppp50 Premium
Will do bud... And thanks for your kind words... Cheers