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February 29, 2016
Hi Everyone, well here goes. I have been with (WA) for aprox a month now and juggling between a full time job and trying to create and construct a web site from scratch is quite a daunting task and thought. On the 16th Feb i became a premium member and have not looked back since. Wealthy Affiliates has allowed me to believe in myself and although i believed myself to be Computer savvy how wrong could i have been. I have learnt so much from the lessons and the live interaction (in live chat) and
Ok so here goes with my blogProgress so far- Well i'm on course 2 lesson 10 of 10, and loving the community and the lessons i am going through.My website is developing at a slow and steady pace and am now in two minds weather to change the theme of the site to something completely different. I have heard if i do change theme, there will be a lot of tweaking to do to get all the menus, tags back to normal so will think carefully if i am to do that. I have 9 pages so far but they need to be rich