Reaching 100+ People a Day and Other Cool Milestones!

Last Update: April 19, 2019

Hello everyone,

It has been a couple of months since I posted here in WA.

Now, despite the fact I haven't done much work on the website I have still managed to reach some cool milestones that predict that this website is going to be truly successful in a next few years.

So what has happened with my website?


First of all on the April 17th I have reached a beautiful milestone of 100+ people per day.

To give you the perspective, in the middle of March I was grateful of having 30-40 people a day and only a few weeks later, there we go 117 people from organic searches.

Just to point out this is not a consistent number at the minute and average traffic per day is something like 60-80 people.


In March I have reached a highest commission per day which was $29 and in April I have reached a second highest which was $20. Technically the first highest was $40+ but because some of the items have been shipped later, I have only received $29 for that day.

Again, I want to highlight that this is not something I am getting regularly every day, but I am quite happy with a progress and increasing frequency of receiving commissions.


I woke up this morning and I have seen that I have received an amazing organic comment from the actual user of the product saying that I have done a great article and also pointing some of his observations about the product.

This was such a great feeling reading this and responding back to the comment.


I have managed to secure a great backlink via service called HARO, when I have responded to a reporter's pitch and have been selected. Although, this happened in Feb, I still think this is an incredible milestone as the website is highly authoritative.


I am getting results in a competitive niche. I have come across the blog post here in WA, from the member who said that she has dropped the website in exactly same niche as I am, because the niche is very competitive.

Well, this is true and the niche is really competitive but the thing is, most of the competition is low quality weak websites and there are only 3 websites I am considering as a competition in any way and the biggest one has roughly 50 blog posts with no informative content at all, pure affiliate content.

So as the time goes I am probably going to overtake the guy.

In addition to that, all them websites are looking on the niche from the same angle. I have decided to take a slightly different approach and cover the pain points of readers from a different angle.

In a way, I am in the same market as they are but I am not at the same time. I would say my scope is much broader and them websites cannot expand in any way, purely because the domain name and the contentthey are writing about, will make it hard to expand and build up on a niche.


My website has on average 6:30 session duration which means that people are acually reading and findingthe content engaging and useful


Most of the product bought on Amazon are well related to my niche. It might not be exact product I am advising, however, people are actually buying I would say about 40-50% of my recommended products.

If they don't they buy similar product to mine! This is amazingas it means that people trust me, which relates to the point #6.

Things I am NOT Happy With!

Now, despite all these great achievements, there are things I am not happy with.

Content Publishing

Because, I am in a final year and term in the University, it pretty much consumes all my time and in a last 2 months I have published 1 article.


I will not publish anything for another 4 weeks as this is the time when I need to submit my dissertation and 2 more assignments in a next couple of weeks.

If I had better time management I believe I would manage to juggle all of it, and my website would be probably further in terms of money and traffic.

Amazon CTR

The thing I am not happy with, is my CTR to Amazon, I believe with 60-80 people per day I should be getting something like 20-30 clicks per day, but I am only getting about 10.

Here is the questions for you? Is this a good number or I should focus on the conversion rate improvement? How many clicks is a good indicator per 100 people?

I have reached out to my friends here for advise I got told that obviously, not all people are coming to product posts, which is very true, especially in my case. Additionally, of all of those who are coming to product posts not all are interested in buying and not all are based in US Amazon.

This calmed me down, and I guess as more and more people come to my website, then the better decision and CTR optimization I can make.

Final Words

So, this was just a quick update and I am really looking forward to work on my business after I submit all my assignments for Uni.

Now, as always I want to point out that in this kind of a business PERSISTENCE wins and takes you places.

My website is now about 14 months old and it took me that long to compete in my niche and to prove myself, and if it should take more I am willing to keep working.

Some people are getting same results in 3-6 months, well shame its not my case, but let's keep working.

Unlike other websites in my niche, I have focused on the pain points of people and this is what differentiate me from my competitors who stupidly post only product reviews.

I am pretty confident that over the time I will overtake them and become real authority and this is something I want you to think of when you create your new website.

Yes, listen to Kyle and focus on the small niche, but select a name that will allow you build up on the niche over the time as you cover your initial niche.

Just to show you the example.

When you select a website brand like: cheapkitchendecor[dot]com, you will make it hard for yourself to expand because you are tied to the kitchen decorations only.

However, if you go with something like cheaphomedecor[dot]com you can start of with kitchen and build up on this to cover living room, bedroom, garden garage etc.

And I can guarantee you, if you cover all of these your will probably be a huge authority.

So, this is it for that post andas always share your thoughts in a comment section below.


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WendyMx Premium
Kudos to you and thanks for sharing lots of helpful specifics about your path to success!
EandS2018 Premium
Congrats to you !
ExpatMark Premium
Great results in such a short time frame. Proof hard work and WA training works. Good luck with your studies and much success to you in all your MMO ventures.

Make a living, make a difference.

Zenicek Premium
Hi Mark,

Thanks for kind words, definitely stick to whatever you do.
sdawson Premium
Sounds like you are doing well, keep it up. You will have more time after you defend your dissertation.
Zenicek Premium
Hi Shirley,

Thanks for the support. Yes, I am pleased with the traction now however, I have had many doubts in a past when working with no results at all.
Zenicek Premium
Okay, someone please explain to me why I cannot make the headings in the editor? It just doesn't work!!!
sdawson Premium
Headings do not work for me either.