Don't Be Afraid to Ask: If Your Followers Care About You, They WILL Help.

Last Update: May 09, 2019

Hi WA fam,

Just another quick post, to encourage you not only help people but if anything ask them to help you too.

Some of you may have read my previous post "Remember: You're In the Business of Helping", where I shared how I suddenly got a lot of (awesome) organic comments within a week.

Well, I keep getting organic comments every once in a while.


Recently I got a great comment that touched on something I don't have a lot of knowledge on... hockey photography.

Like there are a LOT of nuances there and I'm always careful with this topic. Everything I do, I try my best to provide GOOD advice.

I mean, trust is important.

What did I do?

I took the time to do my research, ask questions in forums and actually reached out to profesisonal hockey photographers to make sure my advice is right.

All of this took me about a week and so I decided to email the person directly from my personal email to let him know that my answer to his question is up, WITH the quoted tips from an actual person who specializes in hockey photography.

Here's what he emailed back:

(Let me know if you can read the screenshot. By the way, I've no idea why click on the images leads to my other post, even though I didn't link the image).

First of all:

I was pleasantly surprised that both him and his wife follow my websites and actually read other articles, not just the one they landed on when they did a search on Google.

Definitely awesome to hear that!

Second of all:

I learned that if we kindly ask our followers to helps us, they will likely do that (and probably with pleasure lol).


What did I ask him?

Nothing fancy.

As you can see he wrote an actual email. So, I kindly asked him to copy his feedback and paste it to our comment thread on the website itself.

I explained that it'll help my website rank better in Google because there's engagement plus it'll help other website visitors who may have the same question he had.

Because I saw that he actually likes my content/site, I felt like it'd be OK asking for a small favour, and he was totally fine to do it.

So, that's the lesson I wanted to share with you today :)

And as usual I finish my post with this motivational pic.

Dig your way to success!

- Zarina

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bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Zarina.
Zarina Premium Plus
Wdcope Premium
Great post and explanation of how comments can assist us in new and different ways.
Zarina Premium Plus
Glad to help :)
kpercival55 Premium
That’s awesome!
Thanks for sharing, this community is the best!

Zarina Premium Plus
Thank you for your support, KyleAnn :)
cris1018 Premium
Very cool. Congrats and thanks for sharing. Love the pic at the bottom.
Zarina Premium Plus
Thanks Cris :)
Crazyhaggis Premium
Sounds like your site is really gaining popularity. Well done and thanks for the tip.
Zarina Premium Plus
Honestly, my progress is super gradual, no "overnight" monster traffic, but it seems like I do have a loyal fan base already.

At least based on Google Analytics, I keep having more and more people return to my site (and I hope it's not just affiliates analyzing my site haha).

Thank you, Ann!
Crazyhaggis Premium
Same here, it’s definitely a slow process, but good to acknowledge the small improvements and gaining followers each month is to be celebrated.
Zarina Premium Plus
Definitely! It's super important to acknowledge every milestone, no matter how small they are!

Congrats to you too :)